Canadian Documentary of the Cult Ecoovie

The Anatomy of the Cult Ecoovie is my most popular blog post with 2,683 hits and 15 shares. Since seeing is believing, I am sharing the Canadian documentary called The Face of Evil, about the life of Pierre Maltais, the cult leader of Ecoovie.

This evil man is still at large in Granada, Nicaragua. He still leases the Indio Viejo Hospedaje on Ometepe Island, where young people are recruited for their fake ecological living projects. “With its wealth of natural resources, Ometepe Island could live in almost total autonomy, respecting the environment and creating new ways of living together.” ( Indio Viejo website)

In my words, “With its wealth of natural resources, Ometepe Island provides a jungle to escape from the laws of humanity, sexually molest young boys, hide and inoculate innocent children with their evil ways, and scam rich tourists out of their money.” In the words of an ex-victim, whose 3-year-old son died in the cult, ” I was conned almost 30 years ago, and it frankly worries me to see that they still use the same methods to wheel in youngsters having little money looking for low cost lodging while traveling.” In the words of a commenter on my original post,” Maltais is back on Ometepe Island, and my friend is there with 9 other young people. He is building tipi’s and living vegan and eating only at night. He says he is fascinated by Maltais and his “wisdom”. When I try to tell him this is a cult and Maltais is a very dangerous cult leader he laughs and says, I think I know him better than the internet does. “I would never join a cult.”

Many thanks to Sharon for translating and providing a synopsis of the documentary in English after the video. PLEASE SHARE THIS ALL OVER THE WORLD.

The Documentary is very detailed and a full translation into English is beyond my capabilities, however here is a synopsis of some of the main points. Should you have access to a French-speaking person, I would highly recommend watching this with their assistance.

Pierre Maltais (he has many aliases) is introduced as a “cult leader” and “unscrupulous pedophile” who has operated for over 25 years in various countries. He is currently in Nicaragua.

In 2004 he flees Quebec, Canada in the midst of an investigation into mistreatment of children. He never hears the judge’s words; “…exploiting young boys…”, ”…poses a major threat to children.” And that there is “…overwhelming evidence of his perversities”…as he flees to Costa Rica and onwards to Nicaragua. Canada has no extradition treaty with Nicaragua and Maltais fled before being formally charged.

Maltais operated in Canada for many years but arrived in Europe in 1970 and operated many cults (named Ecoovie) in many countries including Finland, Denmark, Belgium and France. He was briefly imprisoned in Belgium for fraud and where the judge proclaimed: (he has) “… a total contempt for the basic rules of society”. He returned to Canada in 1993. He returns to Montreal where he operates over 70 false “businesses” including banks, universities and laboratories. He starts a cult in Sainte Anne des Plaines outside of Montreal, until a neighbour informs child protective services out of concern for the treatment of the children. Child authorities rescue the children, some of whom are reunited with family members in Europe. This is when he flees to Central America (2004) and coincidentally 3 of the children disappear at the same time.

He was investigated by award-winning investigative news program “The Fifth Estate” in 1995 (parts in English at 4:36). He is shown as a “sexual predator”…”with over 30 years of history”. He is interviewed (in English) and totally denies this with arrogance and complete disregard for laws.

The documentary interviews former cult members, who are now in Europe and banding together to warn people of cult behaviours. The following is a synopsis of these interviews, Warning the content is VERY disturbing:

Bernard Olivier: Was a cult member for many years as a young man and confirms he was sexually exploited by Maltais. He recounts that children were separated from their parents and that men and women had to live separately and that sexual relations between men and women were forbidden. Men were required to have sexual relations with Maltais. Adolescent boys were forced to have a “samanic” ritual with Maltais as part of their transition to “manhood” at 12 years of age (or less). This ritual included sexual relations with Maltais. Maltais soon realized that without children being born into the cult that numbers would decrease, and devised a “ritual” to deal with this fact. Men were required to provide semen during this ritual and Maltais would then inseminate the women. 4 children were born from this method.

Simon: Was a child in the cult. Describes his own “initiation” at age 12, confirming Bernard’s statements. Simon indicates that Maltais stole his childhood and innocence.

Jean Francois: Former cult member. Indicates that members were not allowed to seek medical help, that Maltais decreed himself a healer and refused outside medical attention. Three people were to die as a result of this:

  1. Gilles Bedard (France) in 1990 from an intestinal blockage. He was buried in secret in the women’s camp.

  2. Gerard Gauthier (France) in 1994 of a blood infection. Bernard Olivier was forced to sleep beside Gerard’s dead body for 3 days. Gauthier’s body was dropped at a hospital with false documents.

  3. Giska- age 3 in Northern Finland. Giska was the son of Jill Rubini (Belgium) and a Peruvuan father. Jill left the cult for a while and when she returned she was not allowed to see her 2 children, who Maltais had moved to Europe. Because Giska had Peruvian blood, he had a physical appearance similar to an amer-indian (which Maltais professes to be). Maltais believes the child has “special powers” due to this physical attribute. On Giska’s 3rd birthday Maltais informs the cult that there will be a special ceremony for this special child. During this ceremony Maltais takes the child to a private tent. Although nobody witnessed what occurred between Maltais and Giska all said they heard the child scream and that when the child returned from the tent he was crying and appeared very frightened. In the days following this event every time the child saw Maltais he would cower and cry. Maltais is questioned about the event in the Fifth Estate documentary (English 36:38) and denies all in his usual arrogant form.

One month after his 3rd birthday Giska’s health begins to deteriorate, he has intestinal and chest issues and is running a high fever. He dies shortly afterwards. Jill is only informed of his death a week later and never sees her child again.

The final portion of the video deals with the investigation team tracking Pierre Maltais and his various comrades in Nicaragua. Unfortunately Maltais gets suspicious and disappears again.

He is, however indeed in Nicaragua and has been seen as recently as early 2014.

12 thoughts on “Canadian Documentary of the Cult Ecoovie

  1. Thanks for your article about Ecoovie, I have just watched the documentary (I am French). I have been staying in Granada for 2 months and I don’t think many nicaraguyan people know about him. Maybe if your very good article was translated in spanish, it could reach more people? Anyway I will spread the world but would like to see him behind bars!

    • Thanks so much, Fab. The police on Ometepe have seen the video. It was translated from French to English, and then to Spanish…but they got the idea. I’m hoping a friend of mine from Granada will show the police there and translate it for them. Spread the word.

    • I think this documentary was made in 2005. In Oct. 2011, the Moyogalpa police rescued the Haitian boy and an Interpol helicopter took the boy to the mainland. The police took Pierre Maltais and Osagi (Jack Douglas) to jail in Rivas where they were held for a few days and released. I have no idea why they weren’t charged, where the Haitian boy is now, or why they are still permitted to vilify Ometepe Island and Granada. This infuriates me because his pattern is to skip from country to country before he is actually charged with anything. Pierre Maltais is in Granada, as of yesterday he was seen at his house. I’m not positive, but it looks like the same pink house at the end of the video. Osagi is managing Cafe Nuit in Granada. Some cult members are managing Indio Viejo on Ometepe Island. I am at a loss as to what to do. They only thing I can do to help is to spread the word. It’s so frustrating.

  2. Wow – a sociopath who has managed to escape the law for way too long. it is amazing that even people who are inside the cult will rarely understand the cult characteristics and even deny them. The fact that children are being abused and dying under this criminal’s authority is extremely disturbing and should be reason for the Nicaraguan government to investigate.

    • Beauty, thanks for your concern. Sometimes it’s so difficult to be an advocate for victims because people feel uncomfortable and scared when they hear horror stories such as this one and would prefer to deny or hide the fact that ugly things happen in our beautiful world. Please spread the word.

  3. I find it so difficult to believe (well, with this gov’t not really) that he can operate with impunity. It really bothers me to see so many tourists staying there and whenever I have the opportunity I try to dissuade those who ask from staying there and all that have asked ended up not staying there. We should maybe try spreading the word on the Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor message boards?

    • Thanks for your comments, Brian. I’ve pursued every avenue I can think to spread the word. I posted on the Lonely Planet message board with a link to my original post. The police have been very helpful and cooperative, but their hands are tied without specific evidence. It astounds me that Maltais has been living in Nicaragua since 2004 and continues to recruit young, innocent travelers. All I can do now is continue to spread the word with help from my blog readers.

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