Running With Scissors

This year’s Fuego y Agua races have sadly come to an end. We volunteered for our third year in a row to help the runners. I’m writing a post about the runners, next.  Meanwhile, enjoy our travels from one side of Ometepe Island to the other, as we run with scissors (figuratively)  following the Survival runners from one obstacle challenge to another.

We followed the Survival Runners on February 5th, hopping buses, taxis, and hiking around the island to find their obstacle challenges. First stop: Tesoro de Pirata.

Home of giant Ceiba trees, gorgeous flowers, and vaporized fish at the restaurant.

Next stop: Santa Teresa beach. Home of the Ometepe laundromats, hand-dug wells, horses, and sweet children playing on the beach.

Next stop: Finca San Juan. Home of a fantastic hotel, beach cabanas, private beach, and small islands.

Ahh…makes you want to stop and sip a Toña at this place.

Final stop for the Survival Run: Santo Domingo. Home of the white sand beach, big waves, and runners’ families and friends waiting at the finish line.

The end of an exhausting, but perfect day.  The Survival runners straggle through the finish line in the moonlight, 27 hours after starting the race.

But, wait…that was only the first day. Then, the 25K, 50K, and 100K races took place. The runners were looking forward to this!

ometepe copyBut, we got a cushy job. We ran the aid station for the 100K runners in Charco Verde. For 12 hours waiting for 100K runners to arrive, this was our scenery…and a day of running without scissors.

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