Weekly Photo Challenge: What is This Object?

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Object.  Our photographs tell stories, big and small.”
My mother often made things for our Nicaraguan neighborhood. She made beautiful aprons embroidered with roosters, embroidered dish towels, and quilted purses for my local friends. Each time I delivered my gifts, my gracious local friends would give my mother a handmade gift in return. This crocheted gift had us puzzled, until we figured out its use. We laughed until we cried. Do you know what this object is?

For this weekly photo challenge, it’s not the photography that counts, but the story behind it. 🙂

                                Pay it forward! It’s the thought that counts.

Guess what this is

20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: What is This Object?

    • Bingo! It can be used to cover a toilet plunger, or to stack rolls of toilet paper inside it, if one does not have a flush toilet. It was so puzzling, and we came up with all kinds of hysterical and creative uses for it, until we finally just had to ask, “What is this object?” Haha.

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