Weekly Photo Challenge: Strange Bedfellows in Moyogalpa

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Juxtaposition. “A juxtaposition is “the act of placing things side by side, especially for the purpose of comparison or contrast.” The other day, I had two hours to kill because the ferry broke that was supposed to take us to the mainland for the baseball game. Its guts were splayed all over the port. So, I finally had a chance to walk around our port town, Moyogalpa, and take pictures of strange bedfellows in town.

                               Contrasting colors adorn every entrance.

IMG_1079                            JC Penney? Victoria’s Secret? Side by side?
IMG_1091                                         Laundry service AND a guide?

IMG_1109            Always smile if the volcano erupts because there is a BUNKER!
IMG_1112   Ron, we ran out of propane! Go to the Divine Baby Jesus Store to get another tank.
IMG_1107       A Mercedes convertible in Moyogalpa? Now, that is a real juxtaposition.
IMG_1092Finally, I have always admired this metal window in Hotel Aly. I snapped a shot of the window and continued to walk down the street. Suddenly, the owner pedals beside me on his bicycle. “Did you take a picture of my window?” he asks. “Yes,” I answered. “I’ve always liked your window.” “Please erase it, please, please,” he responded. At first I was puzzled, then he explained that a tourist had climbed the volcano and put his dirty socks and shoes in the window to dry. I hadn’t even noticed. I lied. I’m bad, I know. But don’t let that stop you from spending the night at a great hotel. The owner was very apologetic and wants to represent his beautiful hotel without dirty socks. Only in the “Land of the Not Quite Right.”

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Strange Bedfellows in Moyogalpa

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  2. the first image is a shocker of color. if only the rest of the world were so sure and unworried about what others thought!

    i loved your final story as well! how great that the owner cared enough to think ahead, especially about marketing! z

    • Z, I feel kind of bad that I said I would erase the photo of the dirty socks in the window, then I posted it on my blog. That’s why I had to explain his concern. He’s such a nice man and he really understands marketing to tourists. I almost needed sunglasses when I was taking those shocking colorful doors.

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