Where’s the Quince Girl?

IMG_3894                                                         Our Invitation

Alba Lugia’s prom-like gown was the highlight of her quinceañera tradition, but it wasn’t the only fancy dress featured in the celebration. Quinceañera custom calls for 14 damas, or maiden attendants, to accompany the quince girl and symbolize the past 14 years of her life. Then, each dama needs an escort, which means the quince girl must select 15 chambelans, or male attendants in suits or tuxedos.

Extensive preparation included lots of powder puffing…
IMG_0915applying lipstick…
IMG_0918Holding still…
IMG_0933Buckets of hair gel…
IMG_0936And patience while waiting for the quince girl…”Are you ready, yet?” he texts into the next room.
IMG_0905“My aunt is helping me with the final touches,” she texts back.
IMG_0924Awwww…she’s gorgeous…and so much pink!
IMG_0939A beautiful smile...
IMG_0943Let the procession begin!

14 thoughts on “Where’s the Quince Girl?

  1. I am sure most of the girls have some sort of party when they turn 15 in Nicaragua but let’s get real, how many of them especially on Ometepe can have a party at this level? who pays for it all when the family is making $300 a month or less? I bet this causes a lot of anguish for people living in poverty, trying to save face and having this fiesta and blowing their budget for the entire year….

    • Dean, as far as I know all the girls have these quinceaneras on their 15th birthday on the island. It’s a rite of passage and the parents save and borrow for this extravagant event. I was surprised at how little money Alba Ligia’s family really paid because the food was all locally grown, the cake was made by a family member, and the cost of the chair and table rentals, and the DJ was inexpensive.

  2. I spent my 15th birthday while living in Buenos Aires and I remember that I was surprised by all the presents and wishes people offered me….
    Lugia is so cute!! And the photos are wonderful!

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