The Party Theory in Nicaragua

Life is a party. In Nicaragua, the whole point of being alive is to have fun. Have a blast (literally)…whatever it takes. For Hispanic girls, the 15th birthday, or quinceañera, explains the party theory in preparing for the most lavish celebration of their lives. The quinceañera represents a young girl’s journey from childhood to maturity. It highlights God, family, food, friends, music, and dance. And the food….oh my, the food! It must have taken weeks of preparation.

The food preparations for Alba Lugia’s quinceañera included slaughtering a cow, a pig, and many chickens. When we arrived with our 20 gallons of Jamaica/Rum punch more than a dozen cooks in the outdoor kitchen were busy grating…
IMG_0854and grilling.
IMG_0935The preparations included painting their house pink, blowing up hundreds of pink and purple balloons, ordering hundreds of plastic chairs and tables, and installing giant speakers and disco lights.
IMG_0901Ever’s professional cake-making mother baked a fancy, five-tiered cake in her adobe oven.
IMG_0897All that remained was to wait for quince girl princess to arrive. Then, the party could begin.
IMG_0899For what’s a party without a princess? The party theory in Nicaragua is alive and flourishing. Life is really a party in Nicaragua!

Stay tuned for Part Two: Quinceañeras Traditions


14 thoughts on “The Party Theory in Nicaragua

  1. Oh my, oh my. I hate to think of the expenses. We have a large Latino population locally and they rent our small community center for such occasions. I’ve not been to one Maybe I should take a peek.

  2. I love these rites of passage celebrations in various parts of the world… in the US, teens are allowed to get their driver’s license as sort of a rites of passage. Not nearly as interesting as an all-about, coming out to the world as a young adult party like this one!

  3. teriffic information. I have been to dozens of those and always enjoy them, even though as the Gringo i am expected to make a large contribution. It is worth every Corboda to see the expression on the faces and know they will remember this day for years to come.

    • If I were you I would just give as the rest, the first time you might blush and feel awkward but after that it is smooth sailing

    • Glenn, since we were the god-parents, we asked everyone what an appropriate gift would be to give her. Everyone told us to buy her a cell phone…so we did and she was ecstatic. I’ve never attended another quinceanera, but if we are invited to another one, I’ll just get a traditional gift of earrings or a rosary.

  4. It is important to enjoy life to the fullest with family and friends for life it’s just a blink of an eye. People should never have to work more than 40 hours per week, the culture of materialism should be abolished

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