Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning Ometepe Island!

Buenos dias, Ometepe Island.

Join us for our morning routine, which is seldom routine.

The ferry is our clock. The six o’clock morning ferry passes by our house, signaling us to start our day.
IMG_0243Time to unlock the porch gates and greet the morning.
IMG_3108It’s a busy morning at the dock…washing clothes, nourishing cattle, and preparing boats for departure.
IMG_3186Ocho has his morning routine, too. Most of the time he drinks from the faucet, but sometimes he prefers the toilet.
IMG_3482Meanwhile, we prepare our strong morning coffee, and if the mangoes are ripe, we make mango smoothies.
IMG_5655What’s for breakfast? The bananas are almost ready.
IMG_3560Time to check out the garden. The peanuts are ready to harvest.
IMG_3375Flowers attract butterflies seeking their breakfast, too.
IMG_3498Yet, seldom do we have routine, leisurely mornings. Occasionally, Ron has to dig out a boa constrictor from our neighbor’s kitchen wall.
IMG_2609And sometimes, we make appointments to watch pigs have sex. lol

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning Ometepe Island!

    • John and Mary, I brought back a bag of raw peanuts from the states and we planted them. They grow extremely well here. Our biggest problem is trying to keep the rats from eating them. Ron said today, they’ve eaten about 3/4 of our crop. 😦 We can’t use poison, and our cats are lazy. The only hope is that peanuts are thought to be toxic to the rats, so maybe they will all die.

  1. Hi Deb –
    I’ve been enjoying your posts for a long time now. I’m really impressed by how well you write and the quality of your photos. And that you’ve come up with so many interesting topics. I hope to visit some day, possibly with SueZ. Stay well.

    • Marcia, you have made my day! Thank you my friend for your kind words. My blog is therapeutic for me. Quite the opposite of Facebook, where I rant politely. 🙂 I’m waiting for you and Sue to come visit us. Oh, I’m getting a new camera, too. My Canon broke and I gave it to a local friend. Wouldn’t you know, he was able to fix it? I’m using Ron’s camera now, but I want something that is a little faster, yet still light weight. I’d say, “the hammock is waiting for you”, but it was stolen about a month ago. Sigh.

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