Look How Far We’ve Come

In the lyrics of Shania Twain, “I’m so glad we’ve made it. Look how far we’ve come, baby.” It’s been nine years since we first rented our little beach shack, four years since we bought it, and three years since we have lived here permanently.

Enjoy the song, while you look through our comparison pictures 2004 to 2013.

Our living room in 2004: We lived like Nicas… minimalists. Our living room in 2013: Now, my boomer nest is complete and comfortable, but it was a tremendous amount of work.

Our kitchen in 2004: A tiny space, with few amenities. Our kitchen in 2013: We finally have an oven and a large working space.

Our porch in 2004: Dirt floor, little security. Our porch in 2013: Secure, beautiful outdoor living space where we can watch the ferries pass by our house daily.

Guest bedroom in 2004: YUCK! Would you want to be our guest? Guest bedroom in 2013: We turned it into a small home office. However, now that we have a small guest house, the guest bedroom is in the other casita and our studio and work space will be moved to the room upstairs in the casita. ( Pictures of the guest house coming soon.)

House from the side in 2004: It definitely had potential. House from side in 2013: Lots of indoor and outdoor living space.

Back of the house in 2004: Hardly any trees and no garden. Back of house in 2013: Now we have a huge, thriving garden behind the house and dozens of fruit trees and shade trees planted.

What I miss about the old house. I loved this rancho. It was a large gathering spot for community activities. Maybe we’ll build another one someday. That’s the great thing about living here. We have control over what we can build at a fraction of the cost of building in the states. Our imaginations are limitless. 🙂
our rancho

22 thoughts on “Look How Far We’ve Come

  1. Your house looks great, far better than a house I’ve had in the States for 25 years. Great job!

    Oh yes, definitely need a replacement rancho. Maybe you can find some chayule attractant to lead them there instead.

  2. it looks really great! you guys did some major improvements and it shows the love. i will make you a deal, you guys can come and stay at my place in lago atitlan, and i would love to revisit ometepe after 12 years since my last!

  3. Oh Boy! Thanks for the tour! I love seeing what before I only imagined, it’s lovely! You guys have really done a lot of work and I love all the color! It must feel so good to look back at what it was before. Congratulations , although I’m sure your far from done, home improvement never really ends does it! Cheers!

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