I Wish For to Have Happy


Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions. ~ Dalai Lama

IMG_3441Francisco’s 81-year-old grandfather, Don Cabo, is one of the happiest people I know. When Francisco visited us last week he said, “Oh, I have many problems. I wish for to have happy like my grandfather, Don Cabo.” Then he told the following story about his grandfather’s ancient bull horn.  (Told in Francisco’s words to me.)

The Bull Horn

DSCN0694My grandfather is the happiest person I know. He never get angry like my grandmother. In December, Mayans come to visit us. They stay in our houses. My grandfather was very happy to share his life with them. He played his old bull horn for the Mayan people. He like to share his customs with the Mayans. The Mayan people enjoy my grandfather. After the Mayan people go back to their country, my grandmother look for the bull horn and discover that it was lost. She tell my grandfather and they look in all the places for the old bull horn. My grandmother discover that the Mayan people take the bull horn and she become very angry. But, my grandfather, the happiest person that I know say, “I am so proud.” “Why are you so proud for the Mayan people take your old bull horn?” my grandmother shout in very angry voice. My grandfather say, “I am so proud that the Mayan people put value on my old bull horn to steal. There are many things they could have took, but they choose my old bull horn, which is of great value to me. For this, I am so proud.”

I wish for to have happy like my abuelo,” said Francisco.

“Me, too, Francisco,” I responded. I was touched by his story. There was a lesson to learn here. For happiness does not just appear. Instead, it springs from our actions and our attitudes about life. Don Cabo understands happiness. He understands compassion, lives a positive and giving life, and enjoys every minute of every day. I hope the Mayans are happy with his ancient bull horn. ( I printed this photo for Don Cabo. I took it in 2005 when we attended his granddaughter’s birthday party.)

Be Happy Today! 🙂

The Happiest ( and Saddest) Countries in the World

9 thoughts on “I Wish For to Have Happy

  1. Jorge, I totally agree. It just took me a long time to realize it.

    The story of the professor and his jar of rocks, pebbles, sand and yes, beer rings so true. Less really is more.

    On another note, it seems the three happiest countries also have the highest personal tax rates.

    This seems to fly in the face of what passes for conventional wisdom in a large segment of the US population. Just goes to show we’re happiest when we can give and help others. But we already knew that.

    Mszazu, I love reading of your friend’s experience. I wonder what they chatted about?

  2. Happiness is a choice that is best savored in simplicity. There is a big awakening that is happening, people have begun to open their minds in what is really important in life, one day soon mankind will achieve harmony with man and nature and a new era will begin. So it was written so it shall be done 😉

  3. a friend of mine was robbed in Mexico. As the thieves were taking his wallet and watch, he smiled at them and offered his shoes and shirt too. The thieves smiled, amazed. Soon they were chatting and he was given his stuff back and said goodbye with a friendly pat on the back. !!!! Hmmmmm?? makes you think, huh????

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