Weekly Photo Challenge: My Sweet Sea

Lake Cocibolca, Nicaragua’s largest fresh water lake cradles my island home. The Spaniards called it La Mar Dulce (the sweet sea), and how sweet it is!

Lake Cocibolca

Ometepe Island rises magnificently out of the sweet sea. Its two volcanoes jut out of the lake and can be seen for miles. What an impressive sight!

Arriving and departing from our island, one must take an hour’s ferry ride. It’s always an adventure, especially when the lake is choppy.

What does the sweet sea mean to me? Fish, fishermen, birds, and an occasional fishing cat sustain their lives from La Mar Dulce. Even House Hunter’s International was impressed with our sweet sea when filming Ron fishing.

What do we do for fun on the sweet sea? We kayak daily, and once we followed a huge floating island as it drifted toward the mainland.

The sweet sea means tranquility, peace, and glorious sunsets from our front porch.

Goodnight, my beautiful sweet sea. Until tomorrow.

20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: My Sweet Sea

  1. These are all really beautiful! Thank you. I could use some happy thoughts. If you can, drop by my latest post on Diary if aHappy Mom. Could use some words of wisdom and sadly I can’t write this stuff on my main blog right now.

  2. What beautiful sunsets and volcanic views on this sweet sea of yours. Kayaking every day…how wonderful. What kind of fish is that in the boat? Does Ron catch most of your fish?

    • Thanks, Lynne. That is a Tarpon in the boat. The fisherman caught two in his net, but he could only fit one in his boat. He strapped it on his bicycle to take it into town to sell. Ron is a catch and release fisherman. It drives the local fishermen crazy because first, they can’t understand why he uses a pole and only catches one fish, and second, he throws the fish back in the lake. They just shake their head and laugh. We buy our fish from the local fishermen on our beach and we have a fisherman that delivers fresh fish to our house once a week.

      • Debbie,
        Your post makes an interesting contrast to where we live, a few miles from the smaller Lake Pátzcuaro. But we seldom see the Lake. Our house has views of valleys and mountains, but no lake. Sometimes we forget about the beauty of Lake Pátzcuaro (unfortunately very polluted) because it doesn’t form part of our daily routine or scene.

        Don Cuevas

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