Weekly Photo Challenge: Unleashing the Carefree Child

A carefree child loves with reckless abandon, trusts completely, and is free from anxiety or responsibility. A carefree child is freedom from the ties that bind us to reality.
IMG_0476A carefree child runs, splashes, giggles, skips, builds forts, and finds delight in every moment of life.

A carefree child loves dressing up….

and getting down and dirty!

I used to be a carefree child once…easy going…happy-go-lucky…laid back…and radiantly free. What if I unleashed the carefree child within me…let her run free, love with reckless abandon, and throw caution to the wind? I’m going to ponder that for a while. What if?


33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unleashing the Carefree Child

  1. this one is a keeper……signed up for the nica info……..and get that……didn’t know that i would also get human info as a bonus……..thanks…….

  2. Lovely post! I wish I could be that carefree girl again too. Life is full of so much responsibility. The thing I love so much about traveling is that I can be that carefree child again where the world is my oyster.

  3. ” What if I unleashed the carefree child within me…let her run free, love with reckless abandon, and throw caution to the wind?” = we all have the power to do that! i think we reach a time where we worry what others think.. or worry about being ‘scolded’ – and some of us reach the point of saying, ‘what the heck.. people are going to be how they are going to be, and i’m going to be myself!’

    run with the wind, amiga! you’re doing a pretty good job already! z

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  5. I really enjoyed your description of a care-free child. It makes me wonder at what age do they actually realize the world around them and their situation. I think the poor people of Nicaragua are happier than people elsewhere who are constantly surrounded by consumerism etc. and feel sad because they can’t have everything their neighbors do…

    • Thanks, Dean. I often wonder the same thing. Our closest neighbors have 3 small boys. They have a dirt floor, no running water in the house, and they cook all their meals with wood. The kids are thriving and tenderly loved. They never lack for basic needs and can find the most unique ways to make forts, airplanes, and motorcycles out of old tires, plastic chairs and buckets, and other odds and ends. I love watching them play.

  6. Deb! Kids now a days are growing up too fast, they have forgotten how to play in the dirt, or play games like hide and go seek, Now they just exercixe their fingers on a computer or with a joystick playing video games… those things should be illegal for children

  7. Thank you for this great selection of photos of kids being kids. One thing I love about living here in Ecuador is that the kids do not have to grow up too quickly and even the adults have much more of the carefree child in them than I saw in the United States. In Ecuador no one laughs alone!

    • That’s the truth. I never see kids playing with toys here. There are no toy stores and the kids can get really creative with little spare parts and bits and pieces of stuff. They are in tune with nature, too. They know all the birds, fish, and trees at an early age.

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