My Past. It Lives in a Tuff Shed.

My friend, Mary, wrote a powerful piece on letting go. This is especially true for expats and those who downsize after retirement. Thank you Mary for reminding us to ask, “Does this item bring me joy?”

¡La Vida Es Rica! ~ Life is Delicious!

Monsters under the bed.

Skeletons in the closet.

My Past lives in a Tuff Shed.

I’ve come to believe that at a certain point, life creates a dichotomy.

A dilemma.

Do I maintain my safe, comfortable, familiar life — remain with status quo?


Experience the life I dream of?

Things I’ve enjoyed throughout my life: Linens. Shiny baubles. Rusty gadgets. Christmas ornaments. Funky hats. Books. The unique, the no-longer-produced, the weird and the wonderful. Hand-crocheted nut cups from the 1940s. Rosebud Haviland china. Depression glass. Silver-plated pewter. Rosepoint crystal. Ginny dolls (predecessor to Barbie). Headboard beneath which my great-grandmother was born. The round 54” claw-foot table that expands to seat 21 at which my grandmother fed a multitude of harvest hands at Threshing Time — at which I fed a multitude of Fab Fam and friends for numerous Thanksgivings. A lovely home nestled in the foothills of the Colorado…

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10 thoughts on “My Past. It Lives in a Tuff Shed.

  1. Greetings from soon to be very cold Western New York…of the blogs, your’s seems the most entertaining. I’m hoping for a life outside of NY, but have some issues. Namely, I’m only 52 years old…Pensioner? Its a long ways off…by USA standards. I’m single, the kiddies are grown and gone, my exec job is tiring. I run a seasonal bizz here in NY and it provides more than enough income to live like a king there according to what I’ve read. I will always maintain a NY presence during our summers here, but the joints are creaky when it gets cold. Please offer some direction or publication on where to obtain the info needed to live in such a place as you…I don’t desire to own in Nica, just rent, and become part of the community there for the 7 months my business is closed…thanks…~andy

    • Hola Andy,

      Thanks for commenting on my blog. There are numerous places to rent, especially in San Juan del Sur (on the Pacific Coast) or Granada. That’s where the majority of the expats live. We have about 100 expats living on Ometepe Island. It really depends on your interests and where you would like to live. Nicaragua is so diverse. Oh those creaky joints in frigid temperatures! I hope I never have to experience the cold again in my lifetime. If you do a Google search for Granada or San Juan del Sur, you’ll find many options. But, really, your best bet is to come for a short visit and check it out. Winter would be a good time to come. November and December are the perfect months for a visit. It’s still green, cooler temps, and no rain.

  2. I’m in the U.S. going through this right now. 300 tiki mugs, 1000 books, 5000 albums, all the 1940s Hawaiian rattan. Old motorcycles and cars waiting for the restorations I don’t really feel like doing any more. Don’t want this stuff, feel paralyzed and completely embarrassed by the inability to let go. Maybe I’ll deal with it when I come back next year after reminding myself how totally ridiculous it is to keep remnants of what I thought was important in the past. Almost none of contributes to my life now, just how it once was.

    I’ll end up just closing up the house again and hope I can develop some resolve next year.

    Getting rid of it all will be easy, I just don’t want to be the one responsible. The worst part is the first-world problems aspect of this- imagine trying to explain these dilemmas to our Nica neighbors.

  3. If you haven’t used the item in the last 18 months or if you can replace it with something similar where you are going it is not worth moving. If it brings you joy take a few photos of it and look at them occasionally… Escape!

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