Weekly Photo Challenge: A Boding Birthday

The plastic blanketing the pinata flapped ominously in the wind. It was a sodden day of rain on Ometepe Island. Fifty empty plastic chairs circled the pinata predicting a brewing storm over the volcano.
IMG_3290A sickly light, like yellowed old toenails, slanted over the steep sides of the volcano, sprinkling the birthday cake with bad omens, foreshadowing the celebration day of Hyron’s second year of life.
IMG_3301The children comforted forlorn Hyron, optimistically promising him that the storm would pass quickly.
IMG_3304 Giant bottle rockets soared over the dark clouds, signaling the little ones to ready themselves for the dance of the pinata.
IMG_3311In hindsight, we should have realized that not even a threatening storm foretells the ruin of a pinata party in Nicaragua.  Quite the opposite, it forecasts a grand celebration in the life of a brand new two-year old.
IMG_3332The synonyms for foreshadow are italicized in my Boding Birthday Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow. Take a peek, but I’m warning you..you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. Many talented photographers await in the wind.


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: A Boding Birthday

  1. after going through a load of photos from Nica in preparations for returning, and swear I am not convinced, that not one party takes place in Nicaragua without a pinata!!! 🙂

    • The kids are beautiful in Central America and I’m sure it’s the same in Ecuador, too. Today, our little two-year old neighbor was pulling cow and horse hair off the barbed wire fence to give to Ron because he’s bald. That was so funny. Ron thanked him for the hair and Dustin was so proud he could help. 🙂

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