Timeout for Art: Drawing

I just returned from the states…another long, strange adventure trying to get back to Nicaragua, but that’s a story for another post. I didn’t have time to draw this week, so I’m posting a pen sketch I did eight years ago. What makes this sketch so unique is that I found it in my old sketch pad, tucked between worn, moldy pages. I’m surprised that it survived the ravages of the tropics.

This was the first wedding we attended on Ometepe Island. I wanted to give Eric and Danellia a portrait, but I couldn’t capture the beauty of Danellia. Portraits are very difficult!

IMG_3183Below is the first pencil sketch I did for Timeout for Art…a sand dollar I found on the beach.

IMG_3185While in the states, I bought new sketch pads, pencils, and a few new watercolor brushes. We are remodeling our guest house and transforming the upstairs bedroom into my arts and crafts studio. It will be so nice to spread out my projects.

Timeout for Art is brought to you by: Zeebra Designs and Destinations. Check out the many talented artists on Lisa’s incredible blog.


11 thoughts on “Timeout for Art: Drawing

  1. as this page opened, a popup announced that quicktime had just finished updating… now i know why the computer was acting like a stubborn burro!

    thanks for sharing the images from your sketchbooks. i always like stumbling upon old drawings.. the memories are attached, and i often recall the weather, my mood of the moment, if anyone stopped by, etc.

    that’s a very portrait, but if you didn’t nail the nuances of her face, then i understand why you are not happy with it. we learn from each drawind or painting that we do, and we learn what we enjoy painting and what gives us frustrations.. i don’t care for doing portraits – i feel as if i am spying on that person.. when i am in deep concentration, it’s as if i know them, have stepped into their soul, and i feel creepy and want to close the door and tip-toe away! for that reason, i try to dodge any requests for portraits.. whey someone ‘pushes’, i tell them that,and to my amusement that they decide that they don’t want me to do the portrait!

    great work, and have fun on your studio so that you have a place to hide in the rainy season! headphones always help, btw, when the sound of the rain trumps all other sounds!

    • I never thought about stepping into another person’s soul through a portrait, but I think you are right. For me, it’s a very intimate act that requires going beyond the outside appearance to capture a person’s essence. I don’t know if I will ever be ready for that!
      We got the bed moved to the downstairs guest room, and I’m deciding on the paint I want to use for my new studio and the guest bedroom downstairs. I found some very cool zebra print paper lanterns when I was in the states. I’m going for an eclectic look in my studio because I can never decide on a style. It’s sort of like my life..a little bit of this…a little bit of that. 🙂

  2. Discovering and reviewing past sketches is rewarding both for you and for us. Thanks for sharing your creative art. How exciting to get a space of your own to spread out.

    • Thanks, Lynne. I have so many sketches and paintings stored in my house in the states. Someday, I’ll have to go through them before the mice eat them all up. I’m sooo excited about my space. I’m trying to decide what colors to paint the walls. I may paint a mural.

    • Thanks so much. I wish I could say I captured the beauty of Danellia, but I didn’t. I was going to give this to them as a wedding present eight years ago, but I just couldn’t express Danellia’s outer and inner beauty. The Nicaraguan women are so gorgeous.

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