Weekly Photo Challenge: Sometimes You Just Gotta Smile!

In this week’s photo challenge I couldn’t help but post a collection of signs from the Land of the Not Quite Right. The challenge is really called, The Sign Says, but sometimes you just gotta smile at the goofy signs.

On the ferry I noticed this sign. Now, I just have to find a child older than five.
IMG_0591A new recycling method?
IMG_1767Well, this helps for those who lack Spanish and need to find the bathroom…quickly!
IMG_4563You want me to camp where???
IMG_1717Does this mean I can’t get my hair cut?
IMG_4777Could it be that the pizza wasn’t delivered hot?
IMG_0278Watch out for those swindlers!
IMG_5485And what do I do all the time in the “Land of the Not Quite Right?


23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sometimes You Just Gotta Smile!

  1. wicked sense of humor!
    yup and I just passed a level of Candy Crush while using the bano too…
    the things we do!
    lovely interpretation.
    interesting pick of photos
    gotta smile from them definitely

  2. lol these signs are crazy! ^^ pizza hot, maybe they’re trying to copy pizza hut ^^ and the swindlers, hahaha bet those guys can’t even show their faces to the public now . great post πŸ™‚

    • There are lots of Pizza Hots in Nicaragua. I just chuckle every time I pass one. But, the car that lost its bumper in front of the Pizza Hot sign is what really got me. I wonder if he was the pizza delivery guy? The swindler sign is the large colonial city called Granada. Shame works wonders in Nicaragua. I see hand printed signs all over the place with names of people who owe money or are accused of being banditos (bandits). haha. Thanks for your comment.

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  4. oh my goodness so funny.. love the house not for sale sign.. there’s a couple properties here that need a sign like that… and the restroom sign..lololol, should I dare ask what picture was used for the mens restroom, hope they were sitting down, thanks for sharing

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