Cultural Pizza

One of my favorite bloggers, Zebra Designs and Destinations, has inspired me to sharpen my pencil and sketch again. Like writing, painting and sketching has always been therapeutic for me. It transports me into another world…contemplative…observant…

I lost myself in my drawing I call Cultural Pizza, for in sketching the Pre-Columbian pottery shards I found on my daily beach walks, I lost my ability to talk and time lost all meaning. My perceptions of life turned inward looking at edges, spaces, relationships, lights and shadows, and gestalt (or perceptions of the whole).

Learning to perceive things differently through drawing, is a deeply moving experience for me. It’s all about the feeling that I get..redirecting my focus..seeing life more fully. Of course, I’d like to improve my drawing skills, too.  I have a long way to go, but with practice and 30 minutes of drawing a day, I know I can enrich my life in wondrous ways.

Thank you so much Lisa, for the inspiration and your challenge of Timeout for Art.


Cultural pizza

21 thoughts on “Cultural Pizza

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  3. I love your Cultural Pizza, and found myself wanting to turn the shards over and see the undersides! You’ll find that you’ll remember more details about those shards when you are in a museum and see a piece that has a similar border. I’ve seen pieces in Guatemala, Ometepe and Ecuador that all look like they came from the same ‘school,’ and I remembered them well because i had sketched them years before.

    great post! thank you so much for taking the time to do this!!!!


    • Z, no thank YOU! Hey, I thought you weren’t going to be on the computer until much later in the day. Anyway, I’m looking forward to your next challenge. You have given me lots to chew on. I’m sharpening my pencil again for today’s sketch. Poco y poco. You’re challenge makes me want to dance…hahaha.

  4. This is great. Your written words speak about the very personal experience of drawing. Your drawing illustrates the truth of your words.Cultural Pizza is the perfect example of rendering perception. Well done, thank your words and art sharing your art with others!

    • Thanks so much for your thoughts, Penny. Really, I need a lot of practice to hone my skills in sketching, but the feeling I get is what I was trying to express. Honestly, I feel more comfortable sharing my feelings about drawing, than the drawing itself.

      • I get that. It all comes from the same place inside us, I think. Your words are well honed so it does speak of your written skills! I’d pursue that which is a pleasure to pursue, when it comes to creativity, it’s how we expand ourselves into the universe of things, just my thoughts on this! Although a little sketching isn’t a bad thing, thrown into the mix, 🙂

  5. It happens to me , too , sketching has a therapeutic effect !
    (Like other creative expressions , of course , and each of us turns to the favorite one……)
    It seems that you have a good hand , at drawing….

    • Awe…you’re so sweet. Thank you. I just can’t get enough of the feeling I get when I draw or paint. It’s very addicting! And, it gives me much needed practice, too. I haven’t really sketched anything for ages. I definitely need to make more time for art.

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  7. Hola! this is wonderful, I added a link on my blog hope you do not mind, I try to draw too and want as many artist on my post as I can maybe we can get more people into art…I am following, friends with Lisa.

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