My Expat Interview

This was a lot of fun to write. Hope you enjoy my interview with You can also click on the logo at the bottom of my home page.
From the USA to Nicaragua

Stay tuned for a post on our wild and crazy experience of being filmed for a popular TV show in the states.

12 thoughts on “My Expat Interview

  1. Your point in the interview about “the world coming to you” struck a cord. I feel that a lot in Nicaragua. Perhaps it’s the same in other places where tourists arrive – but I get the feeling that people are looking for a deeper connection here. Reinvention. A touch of adventure. And escape, Always escape. And it’s nice to help them do that.

    • You are so right, Claudia! In Nicaragua it is easy to make meaningful connections. Nothing is hidden behind fancy doors or plastic wrapped packaging. Life is real here…dirt under your fingernails kind of real. That’s why we are here and lovin’ every minute of it. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I can hear you talking in the interview and it is so you! We all have to just JUMP into the Uknown.As Joseph Campbell says “if you are on the Path, then you are not on the Adventure”. Never too old for an adventure and daily discoveries awaken the wonder in our childlike souls again. Did you know the Roster crows to tell his harem he has a place for them to lay eggs??? I thought he did it jsut to annoy thge hell out of all of us Now, since he’s a dad looking for a house, I can be more forgiving now,.Oh! and the majority of the POOR! are the most generous people as they are free form avarice and consumer madness, they give what they have, even to “rich” gringos. They know all about trust and living in the moment as they have no idea if they will have work or food manana. No welfare, unemployment, or disability cheques! Creative and resosurceful people who are very Agracidiemiento! (greatful).

    • Thanks, T. I’m so very grateful, too. You know, I’ve been watching our proud rooster for the past week. I suspected that he was searching for a place for his hens to lay eggs because he would go into the bodega and crow, then return to the outside and crow again. A few minutes later, a hen would go in the bodega…and voila …an egg. Then, the celebration and crowing began all over again. It’s fun to watch all the chicken antics.

  3. I enjoyed the interview,Debbie.Especially the jump part and the number system for one person. Sounds like you and Ron have adapted and are thriving from these wonderful experiences. Your blog is a great tool for giving us insight and a cultural tour of your life on Ometepe.

  4. The bit about having to take a number at the bank was classic. At our bank, although there’s a numbered ticket dispensing machine, it’s often out of order and we just line up until there’s a teller free. Surprisingly, it works.

    Don Cuevas

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