Weekly Photo Challenge: Ruta de Evacuacion

The Great Escape? Thanks to a comment on my blog by Frizztext, I have to add another Weekly Photo Challenge to my interpretation of escape.

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 7.31.48 PMYou see, we have an active volcano in our backyard. Ruta de Evacuacion signs are posted all over the island in case Vulcan Concepcion decides to wake up from her three-year hibernation. Yes! You heard right! It’s only been three years since she erupted. These evacuation signs are hysterical. They are posted in every business, along the roads, and even in the cattle fields.

Ron and I are ready, though! We figure that we can kayak off the island until the coast is clear. When Concepcion erupts, she burps ash. It’s scattered like a thin dusting of dirty snow over everything. The great escape? We’re prepared!

Where ya gonna go when the volcano blows?
ruta de evacuation copy


15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ruta de Evacuacion

  1. I see you opted for feminine gender , while talking about the Volcano: is that because of ” her” name ( Concepción ) , or all volcanoes are girls?

  2. Our Mayon Volcano here in the Philippines erupted a couple of weeks back killing 5 mountain climbers…it was said to be normal for that volcano to “sigh” so no alert was raised. The unpredictable “burping” of the volcano happened sending down ashes and rubbles that hit the climbers in the no-go area…the risk of eruption is always there. Good that you are ready for the great escape!

    • Wow! Tragic! Eruptions of Concepcion have never killed anyone…at least in the past 100 years, but several climbers have been killed climbing Concepcion and slipping into the crevices. During the rainy season, it is risky to climb our two volcanoes. Maderas volcano is dormant, but very slippery because you ascend through a cloud forest tangled with vines. Concepcion is risky because once you climb into the clouds, it’s impossible to see the ground below your feet.

  3. kayaks! of course! that is a very wise plan, and you can easily zip upwind.. does the predominant wind blow toward the pacific from there? you’d probably head for granada if concepcion ever became muy brava? Is concepcion female or male?!

    • Z, the predominant winds blow toward the Pacific. In a way, that is good for us because when Concepcion blows, the ash is carried by the winds to the mainland. In the past, many crops have been destroyed on the mainland because of the covering of ash from Concepcion. Everyone here refers to Concepcion as a female…maybe because of her beauty and fickleness. 🙂

  4. Woman! You’re a becoming a MacGyver… I have been told the volcanoes you gotta watch out for are the ones that have been dormit for a long time

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