Hang In There Faithful Readers

It only seems fitting because I am from the International Storytelling Center of the World, to ask you for your patience in telling my sometimes off the wall stories about living on an island in the middle of the an enormous lake, in the middle of Nicaragua, in the middle of Central America.

This week is ridiculously crazy, so stay tuned for more unusual posts from the land of the not quite right. We’re alive and well, but lately we’ve been consumed with a new adventure. I can tell you it involves the words, “Cut”, “Again”, and “That’s a wrap.”

See you soon! Hang in there. I’ll be back next week with more stories.

That’s a wrap.


25 thoughts on “Hang In There Faithful Readers

    • Thanks Z. The film crew left this morning. We went to the mainland with them, so they could film one more spot of us riding the ferry. This was an incredible experience for us. I have so much to write about. Stay tuned. Gotta catch up on my sleep first.

      • i am so glad that all went well; i’ve missed you, though i knew that you were totally absorbed, and i hoped that it all went well!

        i am sure that the finale of you two heading back on the ferry will be a great ending!

        sleep well,

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