Nicaragua Ain’t for Sissies

 “Nicaragua ain’t for sissies, but it’s got a lot of soul. Folks accustomed to life in the US need an incredibly adventurous spirit if they are to adjust to Nicaragua. Life is challenging here,  for everyone. If you’re from the US,  forget the creature comforts of home. But the reward is that one develops intimate relationships with the people and the land, and these will fill one’s heart forever” ~ Silvio Sirias

He’s right, you know. Nicaragua ain’t for sissies. When the water stops running just as you step in the shower or start a load of wash, the electricity blinks off near the end of your favorite movie,  and the lack of a reliable infrastructure rears its ugly head…

IMG_1705When the fiery dragon breathes down upon the land in March and April, and the only relief is to stick your head in the freezer, find a shade tree, go swimming, or spend an hour in the air-conditioned ATM…
IMG_1703When you make an appointment and the office is closed for a two-hour lunch, or “manana” means today, tomorrow, or a year from now, or you wait in a long line at the bank, only to have ten people step in front of you because there is a SPACE
IMG_1697Don’t be surprised if your frustrations melt away, and are replaced by contagious chuckles and a ‘knowing’ smile because…..
IMG_1696Nicaragua is a country of poets, artists, and lovers. There are no strangers, everyone is welcome.
IMG_1700Generosity, creativity, and a simple zest for life abounds. Smiles are freely passed along the dusty trails. Adios means hello and goodbye.
IMG_1698Passion and humor light up every face. Sometimes, you just gotta laugh in the land of the not quite right.
IMG_1701Frustrations? Yes. However, the rewards of developing intimate relationships with the people and the land far surpass my frustrations. My heart is full; I am sitting on top of the world.
IMG_1692If you would like to read more about the Nicaraguan author, Silvio Sirias, click HERE.


24 thoughts on “Nicaragua Ain’t for Sissies

  1. Lovely Deb! as always you capture the heart of Nicaragua. I disagree on one point ” the not quite right” as I find that it is exactly right by the creative mind of the people. A space? why not take it? sounds right to me. And it ‘aint for sissies. You discover how very little you need and how you are never lonley or alone. down in the dumps, someone shows up! need a house build, can-do attitude prevails and suddenly within a week, without regs and permits, up goes your structure. Want a rancho in the yard, tell the neighbor who tells his uncle and later that day they show up with wood and palms. 25 cords to climb a tree. I am always so impressed with the “can-do” attitude. You never hear, I cant’ be bothered. repair all, save all and use all. We truly make little impact on the world as we limit our consumerism. Try it out, if you dare?

  2. Nicaragua is far from perfect but perfect moments are plentiful in the land of quite not right, I think that is one of the things that attrack people that are in search of what is truly real

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