Raising the Water Tower

Five Tips for Raising Water Towers

1. Think creatively. When one lives on a primitive island that lacks cranes and pulleys, it helps to think outside of the well when raising a tall water tower.


2. Be Positive. Marvin said, “Don’t worry! I’ve raised water towers many times. I never use machinery.” Also, it helps to be a good boss using clear directions.

3. Have a basic knowledge of physics. Plus, it helps to have strong ropes, thick gloves, and many strong men.

4. Know when to let go and NOT to let go of the ropes. It could save lives.

5. Celebrate the raising of the water tower! Gaseosa! Coca Cola!

Enjoy the video of Marvin Raising the Water Tower. It was an amazing feat of strength and ingenuity.

The Water Tower from Debbie Goehring on Vimeo.


12 thoughts on “Raising the Water Tower

  1. Hi, Debbie; Susie here. Isn’t it great to have lived there long enough that you still have your fingernails when the job is complete! It took me a while to trust in the people and the procedures of getting a job accomplished — But now it’s fun to sit back and see how ingenious and how inventive folks are. Often approaching a job from a completely opposite angle than I could ever have imagined! And making it all seem so easy. And I love that you’ll have a railing around the top of the tower! I can see a small table, some plastic chairs, and maybe a rope hanging from the rail for fun descents from the tower! Will this give you all a different perspective on sunsets than you have with the kayak? Thanks for another great video and photos, Debbie.

    • Susie, Yep! When we first moved here and were building our house, I had no idea that everything would be done by hand. I just couldn’t imagine how they were going to mix cement, construct the forms for the posts, and work without 220v. when welding. Marvin is ingenious! We only have 110v at our house, so he borrowed a line from the closest electric pole and voila..220v. Today they made the ladder to climb to the top and put the railing around. The tank got held up on the mainland and it won’t be here until Thursday..maybe. Anyway, Ron and I are taking a bottle of wine to the top tonight to watch the stars and maybe even do a rain dance. lol

    • Lynne, I wondered if anyone would pick up on the barnyard sounds. First, we can hear Napoleon (the baby bull) mooing. He’s being weened from Princesa because she is pregnant again. Then, the hens just laid eggs because you can hear them announcing the arrival of their eggs. Soon, the proud rooster joins the cackling hens. Then, I can hear Dustin, our one year old neighbor..oohing and ahhing as the tower goes up. It’s like a scene out of Green Acres. lol

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