Only Two Racers Arrive Alive

The Survivor Run of the Fuego y Agua Ultra-marathon held on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua on February 16, 2013 was an incredible event. We volunteered in the Survival Run and were fortunate to be able to follow the Global News crew from one obstacle to another, up and down Maderas volcano, through the cloud forest, and across the beach.  I still can’t imagine running up and down the volcano, climbing and chopping down trees, carrying a chicken, then carrying 50 pounds of firewood (after being handcuffed by the police), balancing a 20 ft. bamboo pole for miles, digging a hole on the beach, and swimming to an island inhabited only by monkeys in the dark, dark night of the sweet, sweet sea. Twenty hours later, two racers arrived alive. Out of 37 racers, only two finished the race…Pac and my hero, Johnson, the winner. By the way, the other racers survived…barely!

The family that volunteers together, stays together.

The Goehring family portraitThe Global News video of the Survival Run is HERE. I hope you enjoy a glimpse of our island of peace and these amazing racers. It is a well-done 25 minute video. Enjoy.

12 thoughts on “Only Two Racers Arrive Alive

  1. Help! How do I vote for you on CradlePoint – I joined then didn’t know how to find you…. (I enjoyed getting to know you during the Fuego y Agua Survival follow-along)

    • Hi Mary,
      Thanks so much for thinking of me, but you don’t have to vote. There is no way I can win and the contest is over in 3 more days. I think I’ll get 3rd place and I can win a $25 gift certificate for Amazon. That way, I’ll be able to buy some children’s books for my mobile lending library. It’s all good…we gave Ron’s old computer to our local friend Ever, and Ron got a new laptop when he was in the states.

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