Three Little Kittens

Last July, we had a rat problem in the garden. We didn’t want to use poison because we have ten free-range chickens, plus all the neighbors chickens and other critters come to our gringo house to graze.  Instead, we contacted a friend who lives in Granada to see about getting a cat.

We consider ourselves to be dog people, and we weren’t too familiar with the ways of cats. We only wanted one cat, but things didn’t work out that way. “Will you take two kittens?” Carol asked. “They are brother and sister. Poor babies were thrown in the Granada dump,” she pleaded. I relented. What’s one more kitten?

A few days later, the foster mom of our two kittens called. “I just got another kitten about the same age as the brother and sister,” she said. “They love one another. This little kitten was thrown over a wall in Granada and left to die,” she pleaded. I relented again. What’s one more kitten?

When the kittens were old enough to be spayed and neutered, our foster-mother took them to a free clinic in Granada operated by Donna Tabor. See her blog here with heartwarming stories.

Last September, we became full-fledged cat people. Our cats have adjusted to life on Ometepe Island. There is never a dull moment with Black Jack, Queenie, and Ocho.


16 thoughts on “Three Little Kittens

  1. Hi Debbie,
    Thank you so much for taking Ocho into your beautiful home. My husband and I found him while we were walking our dogs — someone had thrown him over a fence and he was meowing like crazy. I climbed over and we brought him home. We could tell right away he was a special guy and gorgeously handsome, with an “8” pattern on his head, (hence, the name). If not for the four we already had, we would have kept him. But thankfully, Kit brought him to you, and the rest is history! He has a beautiful life with you. We are so happy, and obviously, so is he! — Thalia & Julio

    • Oh Thalia, thank you so much for telling me about Ocho. He, indeed, is very special. We don’t have much experience with cats, but we are enjoying the heck out of all three of our precious rescue cats. You are so kind to rescue him. Ocho keeps Queenie and Black Jack in line. He is the mature one. In fact, he is the only cat that can sleep with me (occasionally) because he won’t climb the mosquito net. But, he has a love of biting toes. hahaha Thanks again for commenting on my blog.

      • They are all gorgeous. And funny how you went from being “not cat people,” to the Cat Family! I love your photos. Thanks again.

  2. My first thought was if the rat problem got resolved but you answered it in your reply to Steve. What striking markings on the gray/black cat.I’ve never seen that pattern before. Looks like they’re right at home.

    • Thank goodness the rat problem is resolved. Ocho is a beautiful cat. When local people come to my house, they always ask if Ocho is a tiger or a cat. He loves water, too. I find that odd for a cat. When I water the garden, he stands right beside the hose swiping the water. They are so cute to watch.

      • Ha Ha! That is so cute! I am sure they are loving and fluffy. I really want a dog but we travel so much that it is hard now. I hope to someday have one for the kids though. I love dogs!

    • Oh my..I forgot the most important part of this post! No more rats or mice. I heard that if cats poop in the garden, even the smell is enough to deter rats. It works! I’m a believer and falling in love with my gatitos. Thanks for reminding me, Steve. 🙂

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