Weekly Photo Challenge: Hora de Almorzar

The weekly photo challenge is all about lunchtime. Check out the weekly photo challenge HERE. All of the photos, except the vegetable truck, were taken with my new-to-me iPhone 3Gs. It’s lunchtime on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua! Everyone helps to prepare lunch, the largest meal of the day for a Nicaraguan family.

The vegetable truck comes to our door every Friday. We choose the freshest veggies, all homegrown on the island.

Don Jose, our 78 year young neighbor, hacks away at our fallen tree with his machete. Our neighbors need firewood to prepare lunch.
IMG_2212Stephen gathers our sweet mangoes, while his grandfather cuts firewood. The mangoes will make a tasty dessert.
IMG_0047Meanwhile, Dustin snacks on a juicy jicote, similar to a plum. ( I had to retouch this photo. Dustin wasn’t wearing any underwear or pants. jeje)
Our chickens wait in line to lay eggs under the pollo grill. We never lack fresh eggs around the finca.
IMG_0072Rafaela isn’t neglected either. She’s neighing for a fresh carrot from the vegetable truck.
IMG_0057Black Jack, one of our three rescue kittens, inspects our produce. “Anything good to eat here?”
IMG_0066The avocados will have to wait for tomorrow’s lunch. They aren’t quite ripe. But, the tangerines are ready!
IMG_0067Don Jose stokes the fire. Lunch is almost ready. “Hora de amorzar?” the kids ask.
IMG_0069Lunch is almost ready. A big pot of gallo pinto, a fresh egg omelet, and lots of handpicked fruit. Everyone helps prepare lunch in Nicaragua. It’s my favorite time of the day, the hora de almorzar.


13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hora de Almorzar

  1. With that lifestyle; I bet many people live a mighty long time 🙂 … do you guys have cheese makers on the island?

    • Jorge, I wish I could say that Nicaraguans have a long, healthy life but, that’s generally not the case. Health care here for the locals leaves a lot to be desired. Stephen and Dustin’s mother makes quajada queso with milk from their cow, Princesa. It’s a soft cheese and muy rico!

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