Phoneography Challenge: Where’s the Wi-fi?

The timing was perfect for this phoneography challenge because I just brought back a new-to-me iPhone 3s from the states. Since I had uploaded the Instagram app, I was on a search through our tiny neighborhood for a strong wi-fi connection. Our internet is painfully slow at our house.

First, I stopped and asked some neighborhood kids playing in the sand on our beach. “Donde esta wi-fi?” They just looked at me with puzzled, dirty faces.
IMG_2102The whistling boy on his bicycle was waiting for the fisherman to return. “Donde esta wi-fi?” He thought I wanted to learn how to whistle.
IMG_0016The kids were playing soccer at Puesta del Sol. “Donde esta wi-fi?” “Aqui! ” they all shouted across the soccer net. But the internet café wasn’t open until 6 pm.
IMG_0019Perhaps if I get more minutes on my phone, I can use my 3G to upload my photos. So, I ambled down the sandy path to our local pulperia. (tiny grocery store)
IMG_0029Oh no! It’s never closed! Where is Carla?
IMG_0028Carla’s mother came out to greet me, but she didn’t have a clue how to sell me minutes for my phone. She thought her photo was feo (ugly), but I love this beautiful, hard-working woman.
IMG_0032I turned around and headed home. Maybe my internet will be strong enough to post my photos taken with my iPhone.
IMG_0033Uh-oh! Marvin is welding our casita roof. I’ll have to wait until he is finished because our electricity fluctuates too much when he uses the welder.
IMG_0042So, I guess I’ll rake mangoes until the internet café opens. It’s a beautiful day in our tiny neighborhood. A great day to practice taking photos with my new-to-me iPhone.


15 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: Where’s the Wi-fi?

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  2. Love your expression: new-to-me iPhone. This is a perfect tool to have in your part of the world. So the next challenge is : buying minutes when you need them. Good luck!! Love your neighborhood snap shots, cute little dirty faces and all.

    • Lynne, I never buy anything new. I always buy reconditioned electronics. I wanted a reconditioned iPhone for traveling. It’s so much easier to carry around to check email, etc. than my laptop. And an unlocked, reconditioned iPhone was cheap..less than $100. Today Claro minutes are selling for 4X. Guess, it’s time to walk back to Carla’s little store for minutes. 🙂

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