Three Eggs in a Box

A popular TV show in the states asked Ron and I ( actually, the producer found my blog) to make a casting video. No, It isn’t “Honey Boo Boo”, but I think it would make a fine “Green Acres” episode. 🙂  I’m not sure if anything will ever come of it, but it was fun to make.  The requirements were to smile, show lots of energy and enthusiasm, and start the video in a beautiful location. Well, I definitely exuded play acting enthusiasm when I screeched, “Three eggs in a box!” However, we did get the beautiful location at the beginning. And, I learned how to embed a Vimeo video using a shortcode.  I hope you enjoy our production, which I call “Three Eggs in a Box.”

23 thoughts on “Three Eggs in a Box

  1. This was so much fun to watch. Hats off to both of you for producing, directing and acting in your first movie. Love the house, hammock, easy to get to banana tree, and paddling off into the sunset. Creativity on Ometepe. Probably beats Tennessee right now.

  2. I love it!!! From Hollywood to Ometepe. You guys got the part, for sure. Will come and visit you next time. Do you mind if I cook in your beautiful kitchen? I

  3. Wow! That was such a great video! It was soooo nice to see your home and to meet you guys! I especially loved the very last part as you were paddling into the sunset! Life is good on Ometepe Island! Thanks for sharing!

  4. hey
    like you, i have problems with slow internet.. it loaded 26 seconds and rolled over and kicked up its feet! tonight the service will improve, and i’ll be back for the rest! what i saw is great! how nice of you to greet us with help from your neighbors! z

    • Sigh…I know. I was supposed to upload this video a week ago for the producer to review and my internet was only fast enough at midnight. You’ll see in the video where Ron says that one of the things we miss is a fast internet connection. Maybe someday.

      • when it’s critical that i get a lot of work done, i stay at my friend’s hostal for 15 a nigh and work most of the night, uploading images and such. from what i remember, the service on the entire island is (was) ultra slow. i often stayed in rivas to decompress and catch up on work via the wifi at the hotel beside that supermarket, 2 blocks back from the park… sometimes the expense is worth it!

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