We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

We spent the past week painting three rooms in our house. It’s not an easy task remodeling or building anything in Nicaragua. The environment is harsh, termites ravage wood, everything is done by hand, and supplies are limited. But, we’ve come a long way in the two and a half years since we’ve lived here permanently.

IMG_1660 Our couch is still in Marvin’s workshop. When it arrives, I’ll hone my upholstery skills. Then, I’ve designed a glass and iron coffee table for Marvin to make. IMG_1662 The kitchen is slowly coming together. I’m designing kitchen cabinet doors that are punched tin, allowing air to circulate. IMG_1663Ron made me a sewing table. My library books are waiting to be delivered to several schools next week. Looks like I’m going to be very busy, but that’s the way I like it.

IMG_5966Most of our living is done outside, so we have a large wrap around porch for our hammocks and rocking chairs.

Before Construction

8Our pink living room.

10My pink den and workroom.  15The pink kitchen. YUCK!

Our House Through the Years

12003-2004 when we rented our little beach shack for a year.  22009 when we bought the beach shack. Renters had painted it Barbie doll pink, inside and out. IMG_1295Our house today. Whew! It tires me just looking at all the work we’ve done. I think it’s time for a mini-vacation. So, we’re off to the beach for a few days. See you soon. 🙂

26 thoughts on “We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

  1. Debbie, we are planning to paint the inside of our house here soon. The outside was done by our landlords 5 years ago, but it’s needing a new paint job already.

    Your interior paint serves as an inspiration to us.

    Don Cuevas y Doña Cuevas
    PS: I’ve added your blog to my Google Reading List.

  2. Hi, Debbie, Susie here from home in Mexico! This is my first comment — Don Cuevas is showing me a few of the “ropes”. Great to see the transformations you and Ron have made in the house! Have a super relaxing time at the beach!

  3. Beautiful! Your accomplishments gives me hope that we can do as well as you have. I have made 6 trips to Nicaragua – 4 medical mission trips and 2 vacations – the last in November to look for property. We hope to retire in Nicaragua in 3-4 years. Maybe on our next trip we will visit Ometepe again and we can meet?

  4. home sweet home! it’s a great place, and it’s going to evolve into a unique showplace! i’ve found that it takes a while to find out how the house and your daily habits merge/blend, and you incubate ideas while adapting to the seasons, where you are in the rainy season vs the dry season, etc etc. you house already has lots of character! it’s going to be great to watch it bloom under the hands of an artist!
    i love the chest beneath that cute little window!

  5. Looks awesome Deb! You are a lucky woman 🙂 , having Marvin make all that furniture comes in handy, Try going to the Pueblos Blancos were they make the pottery, I think you can custome make anything you want, just like you did the turtle with the meso american pottery, you can probably have an artisan make you something out of this world… La Casa de Debbie es bonita 🙂

  6. A well deserved vacation, making any place your home is hard work. An interesting before and after which definitely depicts how far you’ve brought the place from to where it is now! Keep up the good work. A new career path… designing….decorating…

    • Thanks, Lynne. When we went to the mainland to buy paint, my taxi driver asked if I could come to his house and decorate for him. lol I love decorating, but I have a tendency to have too many knick knacks setting around. All they do is draw bugs and spiders. I’m going to have to work on that.

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