Weekly Photo Challenge: Embracing Beyond

Come to The Edge

Come to the edge.
We might fall.
Come to the edge.
It’s too high!
And they came,
and we pushed,
And they flew.

Christopher Logue

Flying back and forth from Nicaragua to the states, I enter the great beyond of space where boundaries disappear…where there is no ‘us’ or ‘them’.  I am mesmerized..teased into seeing beyond my small world of routines and schedules that control and ease my fears of the unknown…the great beyond.

Bathed in the rays of the setting sun high above the clouds, I reassure myself, ” I am capable. I lack experience in this situation, yet I can trust myself to do the right thing.” I am learning to embrace the beyond.

bonita puesta del solAt first, the clouds look impenetrable. But, as I move forward to a new destination, I glimpse patches of earth, lush green fields, crazy quilts of tiny houses, and bright blue pools of water.  The new zone eases my fears. I am reassured and comforted. The sun of experience and knowledge rises, parting the clouds, showing me the path to take. I am learning to embrace beyond.

the earth from aboveI replace the fear of the unknown with curiosity. There is magic in this sunrise. I see the mists of Avalon, the ruins of Atlantis, the tall ship silently sailing through the clouds. I am learning to embrace the beyond.

mas puesta del solThe dark night of my soul bursts forth, clarity envelops me. I am reassured and comforted, for I have jumped…and I fly. I embrace the beyond.


21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Embracing Beyond

  1. I hope I can get my business wrapped up within 30 days so I can get back to the island. Man the Us is such a bummer these days. I been here way to long. If I don’t get back before the beginning of the rainy season, I am going to miss putting in my crops!!

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