Weekly Photo Challenge: The Lightness of Being

Illumination by definition means a source of light or spiritual and intellectual enlightenment. Nicaragua has blessed me with both. I walk the path of lightness of being, appreciating every illuminating moment, for chances are I will never experience these awakening moments again.

IMG_2214The Pre-Columbian pottery radiates duality with present and past shimmering within the ancient vessel.

IMG_1774 I am flushed with rays of light behind a waterfall on Ometepe Island.

treesThe late afternoon sun casts a surreal brilliance on the trees in the lake.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe sun slips through the crevice in Somoto Canyon, Nicaragua  illuminating my precious son’s feet.

IMG_1281I light a candle in loving remembrance of friends who once walked with me in a lightness of being. For I believe that I only have one life to live, and that which occurs in life occurs only once and never again…thus, the lightness of being. Spread the light!



19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Lightness of Being

  1. Lovely pictures and beautifully written. As people try to reach their goals seldom do they realize the need to stop and breathe. Take in the here and now before it’s gone. We only hope that each person we meet we really get to know and not just walk by. In life we are given one opportunity and no second chances. Live life with no regrets! Or try to

  2. Many people never enjoy the gift of the “NOW” Humans often complicate their lives with insignificant issues rather than enjoy the momment that passes by never to return again. You are conscious to be ALIVE my friend, that is why you radiate positive energy 🙂

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