27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouettes

  1. Fantastic photos – especially love the fisherman in the sea and the amazing sunset.

    Only just stumbled across your blog, but definitely will be following from now on πŸ™‚

  2. Nice pictures – I really like the dog and the horse – and I love your explanation of how you came to live in Nicaragua. I’d so love to chuck it and live simply somewhere.

  3. hey!
    after a very long but great day with the palm thatch project, i finally have quiet time again! thanks for your great comments about the silhouettes.. i’m not sure if i’ll have the energy to do a follow-up post but i’ll try!

    i love all of your photos! i loved the hand/heart one, even more with the explanation. i wondered if that was your husband in the fishing image… i am so glad that i know ometepe, but with each post that i read, i am more curious as to exactly where you are located! when you land via ferry, are you to the left/toward granada (or to the right toward costa rica?!) i think i remember reading something about a view toward granada..

    one day i will find out in person!!! the view of conception on your header is classic!


    • Hi Z…yes, that’s my husband, Ron, in the fishing photo. He usually fishes in the evening. When you land at the port in Moyogalpa, we are to the right toward Costa Rica. In fact, if you walk a little over 1 1/2 K along the shore to the right, you will come to our house. Looking across the lake from our house, Granada is to the right. Yes…one day you will find out in person. You are always welcome to come visit. Have a great evening.

  4. Wow! Thanks for the smile this morning! My favorite is the sun rise/set, between the trees with the incredible reflection on the water! Soooooo serene . The shot of your husbands ” Zen” moment is very sweet! You are a very good photographer! Have a grrrrreat day! Cheers!πŸ˜ƒ

  5. Wow these are really cool photos! I just found your blog today by checking out the entries. Looks really cool and I can’t wait to check it out more. I have not been to Nicaragua but went to Guatemala last year and Costa Rica three years before to do a volunteer trip. I’m hoping to head South again this January. Looking forward to learning more about Nicaragua! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, thirdeyemom. Cute name, by the way! There are lots of volunteering projects in Nicaragua. That’s how we discovered Nicaragua. I did a service learning project with my high school class. My husband,son,and I delivered school supplies to an impoverished school in Nicaragua. The people grabbed my heart…and voila…we’re living here permanently.

      • Wonderful! Is there a website you can recommend or any volunteer organizations? I’ve had a hard time finding good ones on the Internet and love to get recommendations from the locals. Also, I would be traveling alone so safety is important too! Any ideas you have would be fantastic! Thanks so much and can’t wait to dive into your blog more! Nicole

        • Hi Nicole,
          Do you have a preference for the type of volunteer work? Education? Agriculture? Tourism? There are a variety of volunteer projects available on Ometepe Island. Let me know and I’ll try to match you with a good project.

        • Not necessarily. My Spanish is not very good though. Last year in Guatemala I took some classes and could kind of get by. That may limit me. I guess I prefer education or working with kids. I could also do some kind of Agriculture but it couldn’t be anything too physical as my back is a little sore at times. I have a time limitation of only a week though. I have two kids and can only get away to volunteer for a week at a time. If you have any ideas, please feel free to email me at: thirdeyemom@yahoo.com. Also, please advise on areas that are good for a single, 40-year old Mom! πŸ™‚ Thanks so much! I am hoping to do something this winter if I can swing it!

  6. Very creative and interesting collection of shots. I especially love the fisherman, perhaps because it is unexpected (submerged chest deep at sunset). He seems alone in the world and very content. It sets a nice mood.

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