What would happen…if everyone cared??

Weekly Writing Challenge: And Now For Something Completely Different

My friend, Bobby, always told me never to lend money to Nicaraguans. That was always my philosophy, too..never a lender or a borrower be. But, what would happen…if no one cared? Marina would go without a needed operation to remove a cyst on her thyroid gland because the public hospitals, where treatment is free, use dirty machetes to cut out unwanted tumors. (only a slight exaggeration)ย  A building contractor would pass on a terrific opportunity to be the jefe (boss) of a construction crew in a $250 million dollar resort because he couldn’t afford to be bonded. A pig farmer would have to let the pigs starve for lack of food. A taxi driver would not be able to provide for his family because the taxi drivers were on strike. When faced with these situations…what would you do? Would you care?

I wonder what would happen…if everyone cared. Would it make our world a better place, or would the passion of caring destroy us all…or at the least send us to the poor house?

My Top Ten Scenarios: What Would Happen…If Everyone Cared??

1. We’d have stories with happier endings.

2. We’d be dead in days. We should be grateful some are apathetic.

3. We’d be eating cat food because no one returned our money.

4. Real heroes would be redefined. There would be a rush on the sale of red capes.

5. We would all become insomniacs. Worrying about everyone would be exhausting.

6. Causes would quadruple.

7. We would all take responsibility for our own lives. The “Blame Game” would disappear like eight track tapes.

8. Politicians would stop sabotaging the economy, our environment, and our rights as human beings on this planet.

9. Chaos would ensue! Too many people caring about one another would be confusing. How would one prioritize the cause?

10. Passion would be the hallmark of our lives.

As you can see, there is a ying and yang to caring. I’ve never used a poll on my blog before. This is something completely different to me. Do you care enough to take my poll and add to my list?

The third option covered by the palm tree says, “I don’t know and I don’t care”
Since this poll is new for me, I don’t know how to fix it, yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you are wondering whether we will have our money returned, I believe that people are inherently good. The contractor had a lawyer create a document that stated if he did not return the money he borrowed, his motorcycle was ours. Our taxi driver is paying us back by giving us free taxi rides in exchange for the money borrowed. Marina’s operation was successful, and she will pay us back the first of November….she always does. Baby piglets are on the way. As soon as they are sold, we will have our money returned. Living in Nicaragua is good…retiring abroad is better… caring for others is priceless.

23 thoughts on “What would happen…if everyone cared??

  1. For sure, if we are prompted from our hearts to help, expect great things to happen. if we are prompted by our egos, then it will backfire. we help because it’s the right thing to do, and we are all here to help each other along.

    great post!

    • Sorry but I can’t totally agree that ‘…if we are prompted by our egos, then it will backfire’.
      It may ‘backfire’ on the egotistical helpers but probably will not negate the good/help.
      I think that helping others is always a good thing.
      Let me quote SHANTIDEVA;

      What need is there to say more?
      The childish work for their own benefit,
      The buddhas work for the benefit of others.
      Just look at the difference between them.

      If I do not exchange my happiness
      For the suffering of others,
      I shall not attain the state of buddhahood
      And even in samsara I shall have no real joy.

      The source of all misery in the world
      Lies in thinking of oneself;
      The source of all happiness
      Lies in thinking of others.

      Cheers & peace!

  2. I put other because I would like to be paid back, but then I know how hard it is here on Corn Island…There is not much work, and I have experienced that the local works very hard for what they do have…having to find whatever they can sell…to bring food to the table for their family…or working for just 150 Cords a day in construction for the men….that is less than 10 dollars a day around $7.50 for a whole day of hard work…When I think of the lazy people in the States that won’t even work a Mcdonald’s for at least $7 hr. wage or more when someone here would kill for that…
    I’ll loan small amounts, but don’t really expect to be paid back…I love my Nicaraguan friends they would do anything for me…always come with something in hand when they visit…
    Life is Beautiful…

  3. The way things are right now, we should go back to the “trueque” times, you need sugar, and I need rice… that is one thing I miss a lot and I kind of did that with my neighbours, ahhhh happy times! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Right, mcar! We have bartered for so many things..English lessons for fruit and food, my library assistant receives tuition for her college in exchange for helping me categorize my books, and work around our small finca in exchange for lending money. I love Nicaragua!

  4. I have been here off and on for 12 years and have loaned thousands through the years. Yes, I screen them pretty well but I have bought 3 motorcycles, several computers and cameras, paid for a roof on a home to replace the black plastic, bought materials and paid labor for a room addition, paid for medicine, operations, funded small business start ups, bought books for school, tools so a worker can get a job, paid for schooling to learn English and the list goes on.

    To date I have ZERO defaults. Now the repayment may take a little while but I feel confident that I will get every penny back. These are of course no interest loans but we set up a payment program from the start so everyone knows their obligation.

    • Glenn, thanks for providing excellent words of wisdom here about lending money. You are right…screening is important, and no interest loans are the way to go. We write up a little contract and have them sign it stating their obligations to repay the loan, but we never include a time limit because it takes them a long time to repay monetarily. I really like the barter system and it has worked out well for us.

  5. This blog warmed my heart. I agree with you about believing people being inherently good. And even if they didn’t return it, you would know in your heart you did the right thing and the fact that you helped others was money well spent. Money just never held that much importance to me (probably why I don’t have any ๐Ÿ™‚ ), but making a difference in someone else’s life does.

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