The Mangroves



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I decided to try something new. I subscribed to the Weekly Writing Challenge on WordPress. This week, the challenge is Stylish Imitation. Weekly Challenge here. Dr. Seuss has always been one of my favorite authors. So, in honor of Dr. Seuss, I have attempted to imitate his style in writing The Mangroves.

The Reserva Natural Isla Juan Venado is a 22 kilometer stretch of mangrove swamp in Las Penitas, Nicaragua. Ron and I took a three-hour tour through this incredible mangrove swamp. The variety of birds, turtles, and other wildlife awed me. The entire ride, reminded me of Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax and the need to protect this fragile area. Unfortunately, my camera’s batteries went dead half way through the tour. Isn’t that always the case? Hopefully, my words, in delirious imitation of Dr. Seuss, will portray my feelings about the need to protect this nature reserve. Enjoy!

The Mangroves

Way back in the swamp, where the mangroves still grow
and the land is still soft,
and the tides ebb and flow,
and the songs of the Green Herons go kuk, kuk, kuk, kuk…
the tides come twice daily and cover it with muck.

And I first saw the mangroves!
Born of thick, glutinous mud!
Whose aerial roots breathe with large pores in and out
Roots snorkeling and twisting for miles all about.

And, under the mangroves, I saw a brown bas-i-lisk
A Jesus like lizard, walking on water enjoying the frisk
as it darted about, eating insects, taking risks.

From the brackish waters,
where other plants cannot grow,
sprung fish nurseries and turtles,
swimming playfully below.

But those Mangroves! Those Mangroves!
Red! Black! and White!
They must be protected,
from Global Warming and blight!

Anchoring their stilt-like roots
between land and the sea,
Mangroves shelter wildlife,
and give food to you and me.
When the sea churns and wails
and the swells surge ashore,
the Mangroves, like policemen,
protect us…and more!

I felt a great calling,
an awakening, a start
I must tell the world!
We can all take a part!

With so little known of the future
it’s important to say,
You’re in charge of the mangroves,
the fish, and the bays.
The bas-i-lisks, and Green Herons
are depending on you
to monitor and protect them
and see them grow true.
Their lives…they are fragile!
Be gentle and watch
as they flourish, and breathe,
and gain strength…and don’t rush!

For life is uncertain,
we must all be aware
of the connections in nature
and the lives that we share.
We depend on one another,
through thick and through thin,
With your help… together
we can be whole once again.


20 thoughts on “The Mangroves

  1. Nature is amazing! There are some mangroves by the Chinandega region, my father took me once, I felt like Indiana Jones exploring them.

    • We are kindred spirits! The mangroves were eerily fascinating. I just wish my camera’s batteries wouldn’t have died! All I have now are memories..visions of tangled, breathing roots, sounds of squawking birds, and smells of new life. Weather is good…not a lot of rain. I exhausted myself yesterday clearing under our banana trees. I think I talked Ron into buying a weed wacker.

      • I read once that more storms are spawned on the equinox than any other day of the year. Almost always there’s a hurricane spinning around during that week.

        It’s always strange when one has to water to keep plants alive during the rainy season.. One wishes for rain, but wow, sometimes its like someone opened a bathtub drain in the heavens!

        I love to take the kayak into the nearby mangroves where I live. When the birds are nesting, the cacalphony is almost too much, and the ammonia smell is quite potent! But I ease the kayak into the treetopa at high tide and sit and watch them for as long as possible. They’re not scared of me, thank goodness!

        The municipality shoved down a section of mangroves by my house and all but broke my heart. I wrote several posts about it on another site, more dedicated to nature.

        One of these days I will see your world. I have done maps of San Juan Del Sur and the Limon I and LimonII area (Rancho Santana).. I am way overdue to come back, but I’m in limbo until my last tramite is back for my visa. I happily wait it out!


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