Poco y Poco

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Little by little, we improve our beach cottage. The great thing about living in the tropics is that we don’t need much indoor space. Most of our living is done outside. Lourdes, our 10-year-old neighbor said, “I want to come to your house and sleep in your grass.” A lawn is a novelty in these parts. Usually, the locals machete all the grass and weeds around their houses down to the bare, sandy soil.

Our hammocks are swinging in the gentle breeze. Come visit us sometime. We will even let you roll around in our grass.

11 thoughts on “Poco y Poco

  1. cool little by little your house is transformed into a home. …sleeping in the hammock must be interesting. So idyllic. Oh.. and rocking chairs… relaxing! (Almost fell asleep rocking in 1 when i was in ometepe last. Amazing view, cool breeze). What a way to enjoy retirement. Go Deb and Ron!!!!

  2. Cool. Looks awesome. Do the locals show inclination of copying how you guys live? Or assimilate your way of living?

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