Windows of the World

I was chatting with a friend on Facebook the other day about my lending library. It is taking me forever to collect children’s books in Spanish. My initial thoughts were to collect several thousand books and start a lending library in Moyogalpa. However, after visiting two lending libraries in San Juan del Sur and Granada, I became overwhelmed with my plan to make a central location for all of the books. Plus, I am retired, with lots of projects, and I don’t want to be tied down to a library everyday.

Instead, I have decided to take baby steps and empower the schools, one school at a time. When I told my friend that I planned to make a mobile cart, stock it with 100 books, and start with one school, she sent me this picture with a note, “Is this your plan?” Sometimes, you just gotta laugh!

I’m going to have Marvin design me a metal bookcase on wheels that will hold 100 children’s books. Presently, I have close to 200 books collected. My plan is to take the cart with 100 books to the school in Los Ramos after I have the books categorized and sorted. Then, I’ll spend a few days in the classrooms, reading books, doing activities, and explaining how a mobile library works. When I have 100 more books, I’ll repeat the process in another local elementary school. Eventually, I’ll be able to swap out the mobile carts, so the schools have a new collection of books.Maybe this burro idea isn’t so funny? Quien sabe? I must have some way of transporting my carts from one school to another across the island.

The name of my mobile lending library is, Ventanas del Mundo. ( Windows of the World) I am always in search of children’s books in Spanish. If you are making a trip to Ometepe Island, please bring a book for my lending library. You can drop off the books at The Corner House, Mar Dulce, or the American Cafe and Hotel in Moyogalpa. Tell them they are for the book lady in La Paloma. Once again, I thank the awesome people who have already donated books. You are opening many new windows to the world of reading for pleasure.

Soon to come, a new page on my blog explaining the mobile lending library with lots of pictures.


2 thoughts on “Windows of the World

  1. Hi
    My wife and I have lived in Granada for the past six years. Our group runs the Puedo Leer library which is the first lending library in Granada. We have many other library programs.

    We need to discuss. Perhaps we can help with your program.

    Darrell Bushnell

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