Feliz Navidad

                                        Feliz Navidad

The Passion of Nicaragua

Rivers run through me

mountains bore into my body

and the geography of this country

begins forming in me

turning me into lakes, chasms, ravines,

earth for sowing love

opening like a furrow

filling me with a longing to live

to see it free, beautiful,

full of smiles

I want to explore with love……

By Gioconda Belli


This poem is by a Nicaraguan poet; however, everyone in Nicaragua claims to be a poet.  It shows our feelings for this wondrous country perfectly.  This holiday season Ron, Cory, and I send you gifts of tropical breezes, passionate beginnings, fulfillment of dreams once thought impossible, and peaceful understanding in a world full of smiles.

Explore with love……

Debbie, Ron, and Cory


2 thoughts on “Feliz Navidad

  1. How beautiful Debbie…..your words spoke to my heart…..you are a true poet…I am sitting here looking at the photo’s Sam has sent us of our house…or the beginnings…..the patio….soon to be functional….a welcoming spot where everyone will be welcome…..coffee will always be on…and perhaps a few cheese scones! I can’t get over the fact that soon we will be back there and sleeping in our own beds…..Just back from Church and getting the vegetables ready……Turkey in the oven and table set…..our Thomas’s first Christmas…ready to be passed around into each of our loving arms and secretly wishing this day would never end!

    Take care and thank you so much for sharing……Love Eileen

    • How sweet, Eileen, but I can’t take credit for the poem. I think I can smell your turkey cooking! Sam and Steve ( the lettuce man from Rivas) came out to our house yesterday to pick up some sweet potato slips. He was telling us about your house. I’m so excited for you.
      Your comment about welcoming everyone reminds me of our house yesterday. I’m going to write a post about it. Christmas Eve is the biggest day of the holiday. We had a houseful and it was so much fun.
      I’m just thankful that I can access my WordPress blog again! For some strange reason, here in the land of the not quite right, Claro has blocked all WordPress sites. My friends who have Claro dongles, like I do, can’t access my blog either. However, those who have a cable connection can. Go figure. In order for me to access my blog, I purchased an IP address from Miami. That was my best Christmas present to myself. 🙂
      Enjoy your day and explore with love.

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