He’s Baaack!

Marvin finishes another baker's rack for my kitchen.

Marvin, my iron man, returned yesterday with two new pieces for my kitchen. A week ago, he was peddling his bicycle in front of our house and stopped to visit. “I have a new job at the airport,” he commented. “It is much responsibility because I am a contractor for the airport terminal.”  Alarmed, I asked, “Marvin, when do you start your new job?”  He responded, “At the end of December..gracias a dios. (Thanks to God)

Selfishly, I wanted Marvin to make two new pieces for my kitchen before he started his new job. “No problemo,” he replied. That same day, Ron and I  made crude drawings, while Marvin measured the dimensions in my kitchen. “I will complete them in a week,” he said to my utter delight.

My new iron pieces

Ron and I spent the day rearranging our kitchen. Marvin starts his new job next week. When I hear of the unemployment crisis in the states, I remind myself to be grateful for Marvin, the many jobs available to our local craftsmen and craftswomen, and the opportunity to share the goodness, as well as spread the wealth in our local community on Ometepe Island.

2 thoughts on “He’s Baaack!

  1. Wow! Marvin is a true artist..how lucky he is there. Good luck to him on his airport job, too.
    thanks for the insight into your home, it is lovely!
    I selfishly use your blog to keep warm in the winter.would love to visit your island when I win the lottery, LOL Thank you for doing the sharing thing!!!!!!!!!!! Always , Katy

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