Homesickness in Color

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I am unbelievably homesick! Not for the states, but for my family and home in Nicaragua. I had to return to the states for three weeks. UGH! In a period of two weeks I’ve endured a bureaucratic nightmare of paperwork, cold and snow in my shorts and flip-flops, hospitals and nursing home visits with elderly parents, an ingrown toenail, packing and moving my mother and her husband to Florida, the Penn State scandal on every TV station, a bad haircut, and skin so dry and scaly that I look like an alligator.

To end on a positive note, I only have one more week in the states, my mother is packed and ready to go, her husband will be released from the hospital with doctor’s approval to fly to Florida, the Steelers won tonight’s football game (I could listen to it in English for a change), I shopped at Wal-Mart, drank good wine, ate pierogies, slept under two quilts, saw the stunning maples and oaks change colors, and had wondrous deep mother-daughter conversations. Life is good, no matter where I hang my hammock…..but…I’m still homesick!

Enjoy my homesickness in color slideshow. Just looking at these photos keeps me sane. I’m tapping my emerald flip-flops together…there’s no place like home…there’s no place like home.

20 thoughts on “Homesickness in Color

  1. I hope you get back to Nicaragua before it gets any colder !! I grew up outside of Pittsburgh and the weather is definitely a far cry from Nicaragua. .
    Homemade pierogies?

    • Tamara, I grew up outside of Pittsburgh, too! Small world. In fact, that’s where I am, now, attempting to get my mom and her ailing husband moved to Florida where the harsh PA winters are taking too much of a toll on both of them.
      Homemade pierogies? I wish! When my mom and I went to visit her husband in the hospital one day, he had a small bowl of pierogies that he refused to eat. They smelled delicious. So on our way home from the hospital, we stopped at the grocery store and bought 4 dozen frozen pierogies. My mom used to make the BEST pierogies…but she doesn’t cook much anymore. I found her recipe for pierogies when I was going through some of her stuff…I’m taking it back to Nicaragua with me. I will probably be the first person in Nicaragua to make homemade pierogies. lol Did you get your prize?

  2. Do you really sleep in a hammock? I am fascinated by you and your life. But having to deal with all that paperwork & travel document beaurocracy is quite discouraging. Not many of us American ladies could handle what you deal with. Actually, I feel my back ache with the idea of sleeping in a hammock. And to have the paperwork trouble on top of lack of comforts…at this age? Probably not gonna happen. I admire you and appreciate you, girlfriend! Your a pioneer for women to think outside of the box. Your a leader and you make it easier for the rest of us to follow. Thank you for sharing your blogs. Thank you for being who you are and may God bless and protect you and yours. What’s yours becomes ours. 🙂

    • Rachelle, I really only fall asleep in my hammock in the hot afternoons in Nicaragua, after all my morning chores are done and I’m curled up with my Kindle reading. Siestas are very important…at any age. lol
      Thank you for being so encouraging. I have been feeling overwhelmed with the things I need to accomplish in the states, and your thoughtful words reassure me that I can do this. UGH! It’s not easy, but I’m tackling all the problems…one little baby step at a time.

  3. fantastic photos–they make me homesick for your home, too!! On a side note, my “prize” has been received and is very much appreciated. It’s truly lovely! Thank you so much xo

  4. I know what you are talking about with the dry skin….It will all work out for you…Hang in there you’ll be home before you know it. We fly out the 24th, think you are a few days before us…Still no paperwork for me …I have about 5 working days before we leave. Please arrive or I’ll be in the same boat as you without a paddle.

    • I’m thinking of you everyday…calling the Nicaraguan consulate tomorrow to see if they will accept the red seal from the county clerk’s office. If not, I’m thinking I may have enough time to start all over again in Florida. I’ll just get a FL notary, then go directly to Tallahassee for the State Seal, then send it all to Miami. Why oh why am I being tested like this? I’m trying to stay positive…I may have to rebook my flight if I need to do all this stuff again in Florida. Maybe we’ll end up on the same flight. LOL

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