What Is This?

Guess correctly and win a prize

Ron showed me a handful of these the other day…and I don’t mean the quarter. If you are the first person to guess correctly, you will win a prize shown below.

Seed dolphins

A ten-year old friend carves little dolphins out of these seeds. He’s very talented. So, guess away!

I will be in the states for three weeks. If you are the winner of the correct guess, I will email you for your address, so I can send you a seed dolphin.

Hang in there with me while I am in travel mode. I won’t be able to post regularly for three weeks. Thanks for your patience.

13 thoughts on “What Is This?

  1. Hi Debbie and friends of “Rewired”,

    I am going to guess it is a piece of volcanic rock that was spewed many years ago.
    It sure look that way.
    But I don’t need the sea dolphin prize, although I appreciate the thought. Just keep the stories about Ron and you and your adventures going. That would be enough of a prize.

    Again, great literary work.

  2. Legume Family (Fabaceae):

    A. Entada species, probably the Old World E. phaseoloides.
    C. Entada rheedei. Drift seed from tropical Africa.
    D. Erythrina variegata. Coral tree from the island of Hawaii.
    E. Mucuna holtonii (cf. M. argyrophylla). Sea bean with velvety pods native to Belize.
    F. Oxyrhynchus trinervius. Drift seed from Costa Rica.
    G. Dioclea reflexa (cf. D. megacarpa). Drift seed from New River of Belize.
    H. Mucuna (cf. M. sloanei). Sea bean from the Monteverde Cloud Forest of Costa Rica.
    I. Mucuna urens. Sea bean from Golfito, Costa Rica.
    J. Caesalpinia ciliata. Yellow nickernut, drift seed from the Caribbean.
    K. Canavalia rosea. Beach bean from the Caribbean (syn. C. maritima).
    L. Entada gigas. Sea heart from huge vine in Golfito, Costa Rica.
    M. Caesalpinia major. Brown nickernut, drift seed from the Caribbean.
    N. Mucuna sloanei. Drift seed from the Caribbean.
    O. Caesalpinia bonduc. Gray nickernut, prickly shrub from island of Antigua.
    P. Dioclea wilsonii. Sea purse from the island of Hawaii (syn. D. violacea).
    Q. Mucuna gigantea. Sea bean from Hawaiian Islands: Tan, unmottled bean from Maui.
    R. Gigasiphon macrosiphon. African tree planted on Hawaiian island of Oahu.
    S. Mucuna fawcettii. Caribbean drift seed. Hilum thicker than other Mucuna species.
    T. Canavalia nitida. Cathie’s bean named in honor of author & naturalist Cathie Katz.

    Morning-Glory Family (Convolvulaceae)

    B. Merremia discoidesperma. Mary’s bean from mountains near Golfito, Costa Rica.

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