Pizza Dreams

Pizza and calzone

It may not seem like a big deal to you, but pizza delivered to our door on Ometepe Island is an exceptional treat! In fact, when we moved from the Ozark Mountains to the Smoky Mountains, we searched for a place where pizza could be delivered to our house. No kidding!  In the Ozark Mountains, we lived 60 miles from the closest red light and beer distributor. Pizza delivery was only a spicy dream. Moving to a tropical island in Nicaragua, we had no expectations of fulfilling our dreams for a hot, spicy pie loaded with anchovies and delivered to our door, until we met Francisco.

Francisco dreamed of pizzas, too. Six years ago, he worked in a local restaurant in Moyogalpa making pizza pies. He learned the art of making pizza from an Italian visiting the island…and he’s never stopped perfecting his craft. For five years, he saved every penny (cordoba) to buy a pizza oven. Then, last year he opened his own pizza parlor, Pizzeria Buon Appetito.

It’s been raining steadily for a week. We are inundated with rain and holed up in our house watching movies, wearing long-sleeved t-shirts, and sharing our Gortex rain coats with our neighbors. “Cory, please run up to Carla’s pulperia and see if she has any chicken for sale,” I begged. But, he returned empty-handed. “No hay pollo,” he said.

That’s when I pulled Francisco’s business card off my refrigerator magnet. “Do you think he will deliver pizza to La Paloma?” I wondered. I ran outside with my cell phone to get a stronger signal. Sheltered from the rain under our closest mango tree, Francisco answered my frantic, hopeful call. “Francisco, my dear friend, can we have a pizza delivered to our house?” ( Francisco used to live in our house before we bought it, so he knew where we lived.)

“Of course, no problem,” he responded. Thirty minutes later, in the downpour, Francisco delivered a steaming hot pizza and calzone to our door on his dirt bike. You gotta love Nicaragua! Where else in the world do pizza dreams come true?

7 thoughts on “Pizza Dreams

  1. That pizza looks better than Domino´s ! We are in Lima, Peru and there is a Pizza Hut 2 blocks from our apt. so no problem getting pizza delivered. I would like to live out in the country though, so next year we may move to Nicaragua, Panama or maybe Thailand…

    Nice blog you have here. Found you reading yahoo stories/comments. Keep up the good work ! And congrats on living a simpler, less stressful lifestyle. I think becoming an ex-pat is going to become more and more popular as times goes on…

  2. BTW – Nicaraqua was on HGTV for vacation homes and I luved the views they showed. I didn’t catch the location but thought of you.

    • Karen, I’ve seen several locations in Nicaragua for “House Hunters International.” Mainly, they film in Granada and San Juan del Sur. Did you watch season 25 and 26 of Survivor? They filmed in San Juan del Sur for 6 mo. A local friend of mine was hired as the wildlife expert on the set. He taught all the crew and survivors about the plants and animals in Nica and checked the camps every morning for poisonous snakes and other poisonous critters. Nicaragua is getting a lot of publicity from these
      shows. You have a great weekend, too. We’re still waiting for the sun.

  3. Francisco’s a true gem out there! Treasure him!
    Weather here in MA has been rainy the past 2 days, but it’s trying to clear. We should have a good weekend. I’m heading up to Tuftonboro, NH for a couple of days for some R & R that is desperately needed…No pizza for me but I’m making homemade chilli and corned beef hash..Yum..take care and keep us posted..Hope you see some sunshine soon..
    Have a great wkend..

  4. Francisco to the rescue Debbie! Looks very yummy. Hopefully the rain will die down soon so you get to enjoy the outside and ran errands. Here in South Florida where I live, it rained for 5 consecutive non stop days. We finally saw sunlight only today. I moved here from Southern California, so still getting used to this weather and bugs! Who would have known that there are tornadoes too in south Florida. Two cities, Sunrise and Plantation were hit Tuesday night, thank God no one was injured, just some property damage.

    Hope you enjoyed Francisco’s pizza and calzone! Cheers and take care. Till your next post.

    • Thanks, Caroline. So far, no rain this morning…but the dark clouds are hanging over the active volcano in our backyard. I hope they’re rain clouds and not ash clouds. Francisco’s pizza was delicious. We all fell asleep early dreaming of hot pizza pies. lol

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