Tepe Time

Unloading my new furniture

If you have been following my posts, you know that it is very difficult to buy lamps and high quality furniture on Ometepe Island. We hired Marvin to make the iron work for our wrap around porch. It was clear that he was very talented, so I hired him to reproduce a baker’s rack to house my TV. My Iron Man

Marvin arrived yesterday hauling my new projects; four bar stools and a lamp. He carted them to our house from Moyogalpa, a distance of almost two miles….with a sprained ankle! ” I have been very worried,” he said. “I am worried that you will think I am irresponsible because I sprained my ankle and couldn’t deliver your furniture on time.” He continued, “With all of the rain, I couldn’t paint them, and then it took forever for the paint to dry.”

I love this man! I reassured him that time was not important to me. I told him that our son refers to time on the island as Tepe Time…slow, deliberate, and tranquil. But, I was concerned about his sprained ankle. He showed me the high top boots he was wearing and replied, “I laced my boots tightly to prevent more swelling and support my ankle. It feels better now, thanks to the grace of God.” What a man!

My finished lamp. Isn't it incredible?

I was going to cover it in mesh and add my pottery shards I find on the beach, but I think this looks better. I just wrapped it in a beach wrap.



Wow! It sets off the room!

When I go to Costa Rica, I usually buy a few beach wraps. Now, I can change the lamp to suit my moods. I need to find a place in Nicaragua that sells cheap beach wraps. Costa Rica has them in all the tourist shops.






My four bar stools

Marvin’s mother chose the fabric and made the cushions for my bar stools. His entire family is talented. Marvin has an eye for color and design. His mother picked a different fabric and Marvin told her it wouldn’t match the colors in my house.





My bar stools close up

Now, with all the rain we are having this October, we can set around the kitchen counter, instead of our dining room table on the covered porch.

Looking out my kitchen window...waiting for the rain to stop

We haven’t seen the sun for a week! Looking out my kitchen window this morning, while waiting for the coffee to perk..I feel blessed to know the many talented craftsmen and women on la isla. Life is definitely on Tepe Time! My house is slowly turning into my Tepe Time Home….bit by beautiful bit.

10 thoughts on “Tepe Time

  1. Looks so lovely, Deb, and I love the fabric!! – – the only ironwork I know would be even lovelier would be made by Dallas – – but even I can’t afford it – and you couldn’t afford the shipping – ha!

  2. What talent! Love everything…..did he do the bars in your kitchen window…..I love them! Thanks for the peak inside your lovely home……giving me ideas…..When does the rain stop….sometime in November? Our bodega is almost finished……..it is so exciting to see such progress. Keep well…..Eileen

    • Marvin did all the iron work for our house. It looks like there are bars on our kitchen window, but we have glass windows. Actually, the iron you see is on the big front porch. The rain should steadily decrease and by November it will rain a few times, but no steady downpours like October. By December, there won’t be a drop of rain until mid-May. Then, we’ll be begging for rain. So excited to hear your bodega is almost done. Do you have pictures?

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