The Front Line of Activity

fisherman and ferry

We have the best seats in the house and the front line of activity on Ometepe Island. At six in the morning, while sipping my coffee, I watch the ferry chug by our front gates and the fisherman haul in the morning catch. Do you see the palm frond obstructing my view to the left of the photo? It’s coming down today and I’m going to make a palm frond basket. The secret to creativity is knowing how to recycle the things that block and hide one’s view. Once the blinders are removed, life is full of surprises.

How do you remove your blinders? We all have them. Are they worth removing? I’d like to hear your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “The Front Line of Activity

  1. Its a little different for me. In my humble opinion, the more you do , the more you get far from being creative. I see the blinders that obstruct the free flow of creativity but I also see who is holding on to those blinders. Its me. Mind wants to assume that creativity is its possession but unfortunately creativity departs where effort comes in. Creative impulse comes from beyond. It happens through you. Either you can let it flow or you can obstruct the flow.

    We tend to remain in an unconscious Effortlessness . One has to let go to BE. Letting go , as most people think, is not an action. Neither is it an unction. It means DO NOTHING. Effort will be dropped on its own. You just have to ‘not do’ what you have been doing. You cannot construct an art. You can only let it be constructed through you. You can direct the flow but you cannot assume yourself the Director.

    • You’ve given me much to think about today. Thanks, Arz. Creativity is a paradox. It reminds me of my search for arrowheads when we lived in the Ozark Mts. Everyday, I would take strolls along the creek bank, nose to the ground, searching for arrowheads. I never found a single one. My friend, who had an impressive collection of arrowheads, told me to just let go…do nothing…enjoy the walks along the creek bank. He said, “You are not the one in control. When you are ready, the arrowheads will find you.”
      What wisdom! In doing nothing, I became a magnet and a seeker. Beautiful bird point arrowheads shimmered under the shallow water. Sharp obsidian points cast shadows on the wet rocks. They were there all along, but I was too preoccupied with the external world to see them. Life is a paradox. The more ‘effort’ one puts into it, the less one gets out of it.

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