Sweet Potato Pie..It’s a Southern Thang

Sweet Potato Pie!

I’ve been in the wine and baking mode recently. In January, one of my friends smuggled a sweet potato into Nicaragua in her luggage. We cut the sweet potato into several pieces and laid them in a shallow pan of water. In a few weeks, we had sweet potato slips, ready for planting.

Ron planted the slips in April, at the end of the dry season. When we returned to Ometepe in August, Ron harvested the sweet potatoes. After Ron dug them up, he had a 5 gallon bucket full of delicious sweet potatoes. We heard that the best time to plant is at the end of the rainy season because the sweet potatoes will rot in the ground during the heavy rains.

Sweet potatoes are not native to Nicaragua. Not one of our neighbors had ever seen sweet potatoes before. We shared baked sweet potatoes, sweet potato chips, and now sweet potato pie with most of the neighborhood. My neighbors are thrilled with our new garden addition. In exchange, they share their wine recipes with me. Next, we need to help them start a garden with sweet potatoes. They are easy to grow and need very little care. I just hope I have another batch of sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving.

7 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Pie..It’s a Southern Thang

  1. Yes, and would you have any pieces of sweet potato to share. I am complying with One.org comittment to plant sweet potatoes and am in great need of sweet potato starters. I will plant them in end of april and end of rainy season. Thanks.

  2. I think it’s GREAT that you were able to share sweet potatoes with your neighbors!! And they may create a new recipe for them, you never know! I love reading all of your posts, Debbie!!

    • Jill, I love sharing new foods and new ideas with my neighbors. We are blessed to live in a friendly, generous neighborhood where we are accepted as part of the family of La Paloma. I can’t imagine moving to a foreign country and living in a gated community where people isolate themselves from the culture and only interact with their local maids and gardeners. That kind of life is not for me. My life is enriched because I am immersed in their culture. I wouldn’t want it any other way!

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