Nancite Wine

Our three Nancite trees. Notice the ground is covered with Nancites.

There is never a time when our ground is fruit free. Our trees are always bearing fruit; then, the fruit plummets to the ground like cannon balls, marbles, pea-sized hail, or hand grenades. The seasons come and go; when it rains, it pours fruit…literally. Depending on the month, the odors of rotting fruit range from sickening sweet, to musty and moldy.


It is the season for Nancites. They remind me of crab apples. The marble sized yellow fruits ping to the ground, then are quickly gathered by the neighborhood kids, vendors, and mothers. The kids eat them like candy, the vendors bag them and sell them at the markets, and mothers make Nancite wine. So, I thought I’d try making Nancite wine. It’s supposed to be ‘Rico’.

Recipe for Nacite Wine

First, gather the Nacites.

1. August and September, the Nacites ripen. Gather a bag of Nacites.

2. Wash them well and let them dry

Wash them well.

3. After they are dry, put them in a plastic bottle and add lots of sugar.

Put them in a plastic bottle.

4. Cap the bottle and set the bottle in the sun for 3-6 months. When  the  Nacites start to ferment, add more Nacites and more sugar.
Easy, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to experimenting with the wine in
a few months.

Set bottle in sun.

4 thoughts on “Nancite Wine

  1. Oh my, we were given a bottle of these while living in Panama. We thought you ate the fruit and when we ate it the taste was really not that good. We gave the bottle full to one of our neighbors. I guess we were suppose to make it into wine…We were told it was called nance not nancites. I have not seen this fruit here in Ecuador. But we still have nightmares of the mangoes falling from the tree behind our bedroom windows in the middle of the night or hitting one of the tin roofs of our neighbors- your right grenades would probably describe the sound.

  2. Glad you posted. Sitting here outside of DC waiting for Irene to pass through. Exciting week here earthquake and a hurricane!
    What do the Nancites taste like? A vendor in Ticuantepe gave us a bag but they smelled a little strange(we did not eat them)

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