Road Art

Road Art

I’m tired of looking at the world through grungy glasses. So, I have rewired my boomer brain to only see the beauty in my grungy world. The green and pink plastic bags that litter the roads are Nicaraguan flowers. The cow patties contain unique swirls of colors and patterns. The flip-flops and tattered shoes are creative sculptures. Flattened toads are stepping-stones along my path. Assorted animal bones and coconut husks fill the holes in the washed out roads to make a smooth walking trail. My new world is full of art, it is only a matter of choosing to see the beauty instead of the grunge. Road art is beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Road Art

  1. You have embraced the culture of Latin American, how many can do what you have done? I love your attitude because it is so foreign to how we were raised. Kisses from Ecuador!

    • Nancy, I know you understand Latin American culture,too. A good friend of mine once told me, “You’ll know you’re almost there when you don’t see litter as something disgusting.” I was thinking of his comment when I made the Road Art picture. I guess I’m almost there. LOL

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