Off the Island: Into Kayak World

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When we bought our kayak from a friend who was moving to Granada, Nicaragua, we were looking for a light-weight, cheap form of transportation. Christened,Gypsy, she is our nomadic wanderer of the “sweet sea” Lake Cocibolca.
Because Lake Cocibolca is the largest freshwater lake in Central America, we have a preposterous amount of paddling to do to explore the wealth of biodiversity along its shores.
In addition to exploration, Gypsy is handy for fishing, an emergency evacuation ( if the fickle volcano, Concepcion, in our backyard decides to erupt…AGAIN!), shopping trips to Moyogalpa, playtime with the neighborhood kids, splashing water on steaming bodies, and toning my flabby underarms.
Yes, we made a good investment in purchasing Gypsy, the kayak. My only hope is that we use the preposterous amount of paddling for exploration, instead of an emergency evacuation. Join us on our first of many, tours from Off the Island: Into Kayak World.
An excellent link to information about Lake Cocibolca: