One of the many laundromats on Ometepe Island

I wrote this when we lived on Ometepe Island six years ago. Stay tuned for the latest version…You Know You’re Almost There When….

You Know You’re a Gringa When…

January 9, 2005

  • you don’t ask, “How much does it cost?”
  • you boil your water before you drink it.
  • you take a tab of Dramamine before you go grocery shopping in Rivas.
  • your refrigerator is full of grape jelly and peanut butter.
  •  you have a refrigerator
  • you throw away leftovers.
  • you wear white socks to the black sand beach.
  • you throw your toilet paper in the toilet.
  • you gather wood for a campfire and whittle sticks to roast marshmallows.    But, wait there’s much more..