Boomer Barbie Atones for Past Discretions

Another naked truth: I am a sentimental hoarder. Yes, I confess and I atone for my wicked past discretion. I realized that I had a ‘problem’ when I was sorting through my boxes of old cards, love letters, and grade school trinkets. (That’s right! BOXES!) I found an unopened heart-shaped box of Valentine candy from my 8th grade boyfriend. The candy had disintegrated into dust. I considered saving it for cocoa powder..really! Then, there was the laundry bag full of beautifully colored dryer lint that I had carefully scraped off the filter for 15 years because someday…someday…I was going to make handmade paper with it.

The truth of the matter is, it is time to downsize and let go of my sentimental attachments. My possessions are an anchor in my new, rewired life. If you see Tom Hanks, tell him I have an old typewriter for sale.

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