Baring It All

My passions in 60 seconds

Get Focused. Choose Your Topic. The advice from WordPress is to brainstorm your reasons for starting a blog, list your passions, and finally to merge them into a cohesive visual representation of your blog topic. All within 60 seconds and on a napkin! Good lord. I live on a tropical island. I have to walk one and a half miles through manure infested black sand to buy a napkin in the closest town…with no guarantee that they will even have napkins for sale.

Writing is a socially acceptable form of getting naked in public. ~ Paulo Coelho

After a detailed critical analysis of my results (on recycled paper from a printer gone haywire), I have discovered that I am a rebellious blogger, only interested in egotistical ramblings of living cheaply, yet creatively, on a tropical island in the middle of an enormous lake, in the middle of Nicaragua, in the middle of Central America.

I am an economic refugee getting naked and baring it all…the good, the bad, and the ugly, in grisly detail. Please ‘bare’ with me as I unveil my rewired life on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua.


2 thoughts on “Baring It All

  1. Well here goes, let’s get naked! strip away all the foibles, shadows, secrets and waffles! To speak for the mas of us who seek freedom and echo Janis, ” freedom’s just another word fror nothing left to lose” we raise our floppy triceps and hide our inner thighs with floppy “skirted swinmsuits” and declare – we boomed when we were babies, and we are booming ahora!

    Join us! we are yakking and bloggin’ in espanol! we have foregone pedicures for sandy toes, buff our heals with natural loofas that grow in our yards and exfoliate with volcanic soil – we drink coconut juice from our own Palms, flush our kidneys and scrub our faces with lemons that fall from trees all around us. Cool off in the Lake and don’t remember what a hot shower is!
    We cannot die here from lack of food or fruit or fish – it is all around us, so if you can tolerate the natural world, don’t freak at the beauty of insects, but find them curious, love to see your skin so soft from it’s own moisture, appreciate the helpfullness of our Nica friends, without whom we could not survive, then you are ready for a re-vtialtized way of life, a deepening of your fundamental values you lost along the highway to credit-worthiness and those little smiles at the corners of you mouth, will once again turn upwards, without the help of Botox!

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