Oh, give me a home where the animals roam
And the monkeys and parrots all play
Where seldom is heard, the “evacuate” word
And the skies are not cloudy all day

                                         This is how the chicken crosses the lake.

                                                    Bicycling cowboys

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience with Prisma

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Ambience.

“For, through the twilight sounds of crickets and sighing trees, a faint, surprising wisp of music came floating to them and all three turned toward it, toward the wood.” ― Natalie Babbitt, Tuck Everlasting

I am fascinated with the app Prisma. I can create different moods and ambience with my photos.

I found this old man in a park in Taupo, New Zealand. He gives me the suggestion that he is all dressed up with no place to go! Either that, or he just returned from a fiesta with lots of confetti.
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