Oh, give me a home where the animals roam
And the monkeys and parrots all play
Where seldom is heard, the “evacuate” word
And the skies are not cloudy all day

                                         This is how the chicken crosses the lake.

                                                    Bicycling cowboys

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Home Invasions with Pork Legs!!!

“She wanted more, more slang, more figures of speech, the bee’s knees, the cats pajamas, horse of a different color, dog-tired, she wanted to talk like she was born here, like she never came from anywhere else”
― Jonathan Safran Foer

I am not a fluent conversationalist in Spanish, but I consider myself to be a fluent listener. When local slang words or colloquialisms trip me up while listening or reading Spanish, I become curious about their origins. It is kind of like one of our colloquialisms in the states; Why do we call the box in the dashboard of our cars a glove compartment?

This morning in La Prensa, there was an article about home invasions in Granada. I was so tickled I posted the conversation on Facebook.


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