Oh, give me a home where the animals roam
And the monkeys and parrots all play
Where seldom is heard, the “evacuate” word
And the skies are not cloudy all day

                                         This is how the chicken crosses the lake.

                                                    Bicycling cowboys

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Signs of the Times

Today I read an Open Letter to International Living from expats that retired to Vilcabamba, Ecuador in 2004. There was an interesting discussion of the cons of International Living and the effects of profit-centered marketing on vulnerable pristine places throughout the world. I fear that San Juan Del Sur may be the next victim of insensitive and destructive development. It is a shame because this once quaint fishing village is now experiencing an increase in crime, and uncontrolled environmental sabotage. I wrote this post in 2011, and it remains true today so I thought I would share it once again.

Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua

Warning: This post is hypocritical, cynical, and questionable because I have no answers, only more questions.

Yesterday, I read a post from a blogging friend. She was invited to speak at an International Living Conference. I enjoy reading her informative posts about creating blogs, new technological advances, and portable careers. So, I clicked on the International Living Conference website to see who was presenting and what their areas of expertise were.

I should have known better, because out of the 16 presenters, nine were real estate developers. I read through their bios. Phrases included: has made more than 50 real estate investments in nine countries across five continents, moved into real estate development and acquired 1,100 acres and three kilometers of coastline, an accomplished real estate professional whose expertise in international investment real estate sets him apart from most, and has more than 33 years experience in commercial and residential…

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